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We like anime and manga. Both are awful and cool, sometimes at the same time, sometimes not so much.

Supporting the industry is good. That means supporting them when we can, and calling them out on their mistakes so they can be better.

We’re a bunch of anti-social people who like anime and/or manga. So please follow us as we try to show you how you can watch anime and manga legally.

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Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or Fridays: Manga or Light Novel Review(s), from multiple writers.
Tuesdays: Neomo’s Otaku Theater. Thoughts about the current season’s offerings, alongside reviews of current shows. By Neomo.
Wednesdays: Please Save My Money. Learn about ways to save how much you spend. Or learn about companies looking to make you do so. From Krystallina.
Every other Friday: It’s Not My Fault This Podcast Isn’t Popular!. Hosted by Justin and Helen, who get together over the internet to chat about the latest news in the industry.
Once a month: Translator Tea Time: Manga translators carve time out of their busy schedules to give advice and share their experiences in the industry. Hosted by Jenny McKeon and Amanda Haley.

More often than not, we aim to have articles up 5-6 days during the week. Any changes will be updated when timely.

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