Princess Jellyfish has some chapter titles that are more than meets the eye. Here's what they are!

Princess Jellyfish has been released in print by the crazy people at Kodansha USA. Why call them crazy? Well, “Josei manga just doesn’t sell.” has been the general consensus for a while. At NYCC however, Ben Applegate, who oversees the USA department, said it’s selling well. Amazon noted it as one of its top graphic novels of 2016. That’s great news.

Princess Jellyfish
Probably appropriate.

Did you happen to know how heavily the series references pop culture? That’s where the idea for this post came about. Crunchyroll has been releasing it digitally, and as of this moment, there’s 81 chapters released so far, and the chapters are a spin on some famous (and not so famous) works. I think we’ve figured out most of them. But as you’ll notice, it’s not all complete. So help complete this list!

A few things to note:
  1. Princess Jellyfish began serialization November 10, 2008 in Kiss (monthly magazine).
  2. I’ve basically used the internet, official (and unofficial) translation notes, my gut feelings, and in a few cases, the chapter picture to figure out what the reference is.
  3. I’ve bolded titles that I’m 100% sure the work it’s referencing. Feel free to let me know if it’s not though.
  4. I’ve underlined titles that have a work series attached to it but need verification if it’s right.
  5. Keep in mind some of the titles are riffs of a TV/film.

Please comment below and help us out! Or also just comment on everything referenced (like did you watch it, read it, etc).

Chapter 1: Sex and The Amars (Sex and The City)
Chapter 2: Pretty Woman (Pretty Women)
Chapter 3: Sukiyaki Western Django (Sukiyaki Western Django)
Chapter 4: Enchanted (Enchanted)
Chapter 5: Sister of Chinese Vampire (Hello Dracula, chapter title is based off a TV series called RaiRai! Jiangshis, a spinoff of this movie)
Chapter 6: Take Me Out to The Aquarium (Take Me Out to The Snowland)
Chapter 7: Clear and Present Danger (Clear and Present Danger)
Chapter 8: I Want to Be A Jellyfish (Japanese title: Watashi wa Kurage ni Naritai)
Chapter 9: Seven Sisters (Seven Samurai)
Chapter 10: Fatal Attraction (Fatal Attraction)
Chapter 11: Driving Mr. Hanamori (Driving Miss Daisy)
Chapter 12: In The Closet (In The Closet, by Michael Jackson)
Chapter 13: Spellbound and Stone Broke (Kin’yu Fushoku Retto, or Spellbound)
Chapter 14: Clara’s Holiday (Roman Holiday)
Chapter 15: Million Dollar Baby (Million Dollar Baby)
Chapter 16: Romeo & Juliet? (Shakespeare of course)
Chapter 17: A Moment to Remember (A Moment to Remember/Nae Meorisokui Jiwoogae)
Chapter 18: Deep Blue Sea (Deep Blue Sea)
Chapter 19: Le Bel Homme (Utsukushii Hito)
Chapter 20: The Affair of The Necklace (The Affair of The Necklace)
Chapter 21: ER (ER)
Chapter 22: Some Like it Hot? (Some Like it Hot)
Chapter 23: The Rose of Versailles? (The Rose of Versailles)
Chapter 24: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Close Encounters of The Third Kind)
Chapter 25: Deep Impact (Deep Impact)
Chapter 26: Rock Me Hamlet! (Hamlet 2)
Chapter 27: The Big Blue (The Big Blue)
Chapter 28: Jellydog Millionaire (Slumdog Millionaire)
Chapter 29: White Sandcastle (White Palace)
Chapter 30: Deception (called Kare ga Nido Aishita S in Japanese)
Chapter 31: Dolly Girls (A reference to the fashion line by Anna Sui)
Chapter 32: Sisterhood: Countdown to Destruction (Alpha Dog)
Chapter 33: 007: From Amamizu-Kan With Love (From Russia With Love)
Chapter 34: Party Monster (Party Monster)
Chapter 35: Showgirls (Showgirls)
Chapter 36: A Clockwork Sisterhood (A Clockwork Orange)
Chapter 37: Gossip Girl (Gossip Girl)
Chapter 38: The Orphanage (The Orphanage)
Chapter 39: The Secret in Their Eyes (The Secret in Their Eyes)
Chapter 40: The Dancing Maharaja (Muthu)
Chapter 41: The Spy Who Loved Me (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Chapter 42: Confessions of a Shopaholic (Confessions of a Shopaholic)
Chapter 43: And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)
Chapter 44: Furimukeba Ai? (Take Me Away)
Chapter 45: Taga Tame (Portrait of The Wind)
Chapter 46: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1: Could mean this movie “Toxic Affair” 2: Could mean Kawaii dake ja dame Kashira, which was based off a one-volume manga called Ikeike! Baka Onna by Yumiko Suzuki 3: or it could be a play on the song)
Chapter 47: Monsieur Hire (Monsieur Hire)
Chapter 48: My Date With Shu-Shu (My Date with Drew)
Chapter 49: About a Pureboy (About a Boy)
Chapter 50: The Dining Belle and the Jellyfish (Blade Runner; Frank (in the comments below) suggests the title could be a reference to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
Chapter 51: The Sorcerer’s Younger Brother (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)
Chapter 52: Casual Line? (Hard to say for sure, but it seems it’s either, based on the chapter image, a reference to Bewitched, or Himitsu no Akko-chan)
Chapter 53: Children of Men (Children of Men)
Chapter 54: Shu, Tsukimi, The Sisterhood (Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish)
Chapter 55: The Exhibition Game (The Dinner Game, or Le Diner de Cons)
Chapter 56: The Toxic Princess (The Toxic Avenger)
Chapter 57: Tsukimi in Black (As explained in the translation notes, the title was called something different, and was referencing a film by Seijun Suzuki (Kaikyou, Chi ni Somete), but was changed, so it became Tsukimi in Black, which is an obvious reference to Men in Black)
Chapter 58: Fashion Wars: The Don of Asia (Yakuza Senso: Nihon no Don)
Chapter 59: Fish Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) (A Hard Day’s Night, a film about The Beatles)
Chapter 60: Singapore Thrilling (Singapore Sling)
Chapter 61: The Little Match Girl (The Little Match Girl)
Chapter 62: Call Me Anytime (American Gigolo)
Chapter 63: Midnight Flight (Midnight Flight)
Chapter 64: Far Away, So Close (Far Away, So Close!)
Chapter 65: The Lord of The Rings (The Lord of The Rings)
Chapter 66: It’s My Party (It’s My Party)
Chapter 67: Catch Her if You Can (Catch Me If You Can)
Chapter 68: Cinderella: Untwistable Time (It’s possibly any of the Cinderella movies, but here’s one: Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time)
Chapter 69: Club, White Shirts, and Me (Based off a song called Home, Dress Shirts, and Me)
Chapter 70: The Devil Wears a White Shirt (The Devil Wears Prada)
Chapter 71: Good Jelly Hunting (Good Will Hunting)
Chapter 72: In the Pool (In the Pool short story collection)
Chapter 73: Earth (Earth)
Chapter 74: The Wolf of Singapore Street (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Chapter 75: The Jellyfish Princess in the Tower (Tangled)
Chapter 76: The Monster of Singapore (The Host)
Chapter 77: Casino Royale (Casino Royale)
Chapter 78: Singapore@DEEP (Akihabara@DEEP)
Chapter 79: The Sisterhood’s Feast (Babette’s Feast)
Chapter 80: Shall We Marry? (Shall We Dance?)
Chapter 81: The Dangerous Lives of Koibuchi Boys (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys)