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The OASG Podcast

This episode, Helen and Muse talk about anime availability on Hulu and Yahoo View, the upcoming Bleach live action move, and much more! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple...

Let's just say Muse is attempting to figure out what happened with Slayers, and why Amelia's ruining everything. I have two words for this set of episodes: thematic whiplash. Where I left off last time, the dark lord Shabranigdo was about to...

By Muse on Aug 18th, 2016
The OASG Podcast

It's the anime and manga news and opinions podcast from! This time, Muse and Justin continue to talk about Summer 2016 anime, Pokemon Go, the live action Sword Art Online announcement, and more!

The OASG Podcast

Muse, Justin, and Helen talk about Pokemon Go, the announcement for a Detective Pikachu movie, why fans need to leave Hiroshi Kamiya alone, the recent anime exodus from Hulu, and much more!

Slayers Ep. 5-8 Screenshot 3

With a name like ShabbaDabbaDoo, you wouldn't expect a dark lord resurrection or lightsabers appearing out of nowhere. But that's what Slayers does anyways. In the last set of episodes that I covered, our heroes Lina and Gourry were pursued...

By Muse on Jul 21st, 2016

Muse and Justin discuss Pokemon Go, Anime Expo 2016, the end of the Spring 2016 anime season, what shows they're watching from the Summer 2016 anime season, and much more in the longest podcast episode yet!

Summer anime 2016 characters eating food

Here's a list of where all the anime are streaming legally this season...Background done by Veronica Tolentino! Feel free to check out her work! Hey, if you’re not sure where everything’s streaming and what region it’s available...

By Muse on Jun 29th, 2016

Remember when Slayers aired back in the 90's and everyone made it a big deal? Well Muse is watching it in 2016, so let's just say things have...changed. A lot actually, really. Muse and Lina and Zelgadis and the BG, all in one post! Welcome...

By Muse on Jun 16th, 2016
The OASG Podcast

Muse and Justin talk about the shows they're still watching from the Spring 2016 anime season, Digital Manga's new Kickstarter, Fullmetal Alchemist's rights expiring, and more! Play...

Muse Watches the 90s-Slayer

Let's just say Muse is gonna be watching a lot of old anime, from classics, to potentially obscure shows. Hi everyone! This is Muse, an editor on The OASG! You may know me from the website’s podcast or my older Subdued Figures posts. Today...

By Muse on May 19th, 2016