Let's just say Muse is gonna be watching a lot of old anime, from classics, to potentially obscure shows.

Muse Watches the 90s-Slayers

Hi everyone! This is Muse, an editor on The OASG! You may know me from the website’s podcast or my older Subdued Figures posts. Today I’m introducing a new monthly column that I’ll be writing called Muse Watches the 90s!

What is this? For this feature, I’ll be watching a minimum of 4 episodes of a legally streaming anime series from the 90s and write up my thoughts on the episodes every month. It’s retro episodic blogging, but once a month rather than week to week. I’ll be covering shows that I’ve never seen before or know very little about, so you’ll get to read my reactions as I watch pieces of anime history!

What will you be watching? The first show I’ll be watching is the first season of Slayers, which is streaming on Hulu! I also have a few other titles in mind, but I have to admit that I don’t know of too many 90s anime series. If you have any suggestions for what I should watch, I’m happy to hear them! The only requirements I have is that they are 1) not hentai (I know how you guys roll), and 2) that the title is available through a legal streaming channel in the US. If you have any suggestions for me, feel free to comment below or e-mail them to muse@theoasg.com and I’ll consider adding them to the list!

When will this start? Posts will go up on the third Thursday of every month, and will start this next June! Hope to see you there!