Come join Amanda and Jenny as they share their day in the life of a manga translator, which involves the pomodoro technique & getting a cat (?), and answer some listener questions.

Translator Tea Time Episode 6 Show Notes

  • Jenny and Amanda return from the holidays by answering reader questions.
  • Gaby asks “who created their awesome theme song?”
  • Samson Bourne asks, “you mentioned that a lot of manga translators go on to become manga
    editors. So does that mean manga editors are required to speak Japanese? And if the editors can already speak Japanese, why do you think they don’t just translate the manga themselves?”
  • Jenny asks Amanda if she would like to be a manga editor.
  • Jenny and Amanda begin talking about how to be productive when it comes to editing, when to take breaks, going to cafes to do their work, etc. How difficult is it to follow that set schedule as well.
  • Jenny shares her day for the most part.

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