Amanda and Jenny end 2016 by answering questions about anime and manga, crying while translating, and other cool (weird) things about their livelihood.

Show Notes

0:15: Jenny McKeon and Amanda Haley try and introduce themselves, talk about what they’re working on (Jenny’s translating the Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid manga; the anime (done by KyoAni) is coming out this Winter season.)

4:05: Amanda, who is translating some anime simulcasts now (she did Poco’s Udon World last season), answers Howtowsavealif3’s question on anime translation, and if translators are provided a Japanese script.

8:00: Amanda points out the Jobs page on Crunchyroll.

9:18: Kit Carlisle asks, “Have you ever had an editor edit your translation so much that you couldn’t recognize it anymore, or make changes to it that you think are unnecessary or unhelpful?” Jenny and Amanda answer that.

12:45: Amanda and Jenny both talk about their past thoughts on how reviews were

15:07: Thoughts on 2016 as a whole, whether personally or professionally

19:15: Jenny and Amanda admit that they sometimes cry while translating certain works.

24:35: Amanda asks if Jenny’s workflow has changed from when she initially started early this year.

30:00: Somehow in a discussion of cleanliness, Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up is brought up.

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