A new episode of the two manga translators talking to each other over the internet involves translating using audio vs translating using a script, Giongo and Gitaigo, how fanfiction can help with English, and Jenny inexplicably gushing about Sonic Adventure's soundtrack at the end of this podcast.

Show Notes

0:00: Jenny and Amanda are back once again. This time they start the podcast by talking about Himouto Umaru-Chan, which is licensed by Seven Seas and will be coming out next year (one of them is translating it!). They also talk about Season 2 of the anime.

6:00: Jenny and Amanda answer a question on figuring out the meanings of ambiguous Giongo and Gitaigo.

13:50: They then answer a question that involves knowing English. This leads to some reveals about what they did in high school (it involves fanfiction and roleplaying), and how that has helped them when it comes to doing translation. Jenny also recommends picking up Steering the Craft for writers and translators.

25:55: The two then answer how do you translate characters speaking colloquial Japanese when they’re doing a Shakespeare play, and Amanda has the answer to this particular question.

32:22: Amanda and Jenny then discuss scheduling when to work on their manga/LN translations.

38:35: Finally, Jenny and Amanda devote the rest of the podcast calling out the podcast editor, discussing Black Friday, and Jenny in stunned shock when she sees Sonic Adventure and Vinyl in the same sentence.

Note: There are moments in the episode where the audio jumps a bit. Apologies for that.

If you have any thoughts on the episode, feel free to reach out to the translators or send your questions to contact at theoasg dot com.

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