Justin and Helen gather together to chat about Netflix, Attack on Titan, and maybe something scandalous. Well, for Justin at least.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen try to talk over the internet about what they’ve been up to. For Helen, it’s just been being swamped with papers (and playing Fire Emblem Heroes). For Justin, it’s just been lots of work. That all said, some nerd stuff was done — that includes watching Yamishibai Season Five and Gintama.

12:45: They then put on their questioning caps to talk about Netflix impacting anime — but is it in a good way or in a bad way? (Here’s Neomo’s thoughts on Netflix and anime)

23:40: Season 3 of Attack on Titan has been announced. Justin is a bit worried about it, while Helen tries to calm him down on it.

27:30: We get into the scant manga news that has happened in the past two weeks — it all involves Kodansha.

30:30: A few Gundam producers will be heading to AnimeNYC, which either means Justin’s gonna be talking to some people or he’s gonna need questions to ask the right questions. Also Justin needs to find a new way to watch FMA Live Action.

35:25: We end the podcast by making up weird news, involving something we saw on Twitter, Justin revealing that he stays up stupid late, World Series talk and a threat. A threat that’s gonna get Justin in trouble.

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