Amanda and Jenny return, this time to continue how they learned Japanese, and also answer a few questions they got.

0:00: Jenny explains why it’s her fault there wasn’t a Translator Tea Time with Amanda last month — it essentially involves real life! It also affected her working on a title as well.

8:53: Jenny and Amanda address some of the comments in Episode 9 of the Translator Tea Time Podcast, and explain why they mentioned it on their list.

12:10: Jenny and Amanda both get into more ways to learn Japanese, which is somewhat advanced this time. They also elaborate on taking courses in school if you want, and a bit on the JLPT and how helpful can it be to help you learn Japanese. They also talk about how it can help to be knowledgeable about a bunch of things outside of Japanese translation, and also get a bit into what they expect from manga reviews, or how they sometimes feel about it.

48:08: Jenny and Amanda answer @thousand_thorns’ twitter question:

50:50: Jenny and Amanda also answer Angela’s question on how they say their Japanese words.

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