Amanda and Jenny report to deliver two podcasts in one month! And this one's devoted to how you can learn Japanese.

Show Notes

0:00: Amanda and Jenny return with a second Translator Tea Time in one month?!? This time though they chat about what they’re reading in addition to what they’re working on. All of this leads to a battle between Delicious in Dungeon and Food Wars somehow. Which they both recommend you check out. (Both titles, manga and for Food Wars, anime and manga)

This also leads to Amanda explaining how much she loved a title so much that she read the latest volume in Japanese…

25:00: Amanda explains where she gets her Japanese books, which is mostly digitally.

30:00: Amanda and Jenny explain how they learned Japanese, which takes us back all the way to high school and college. They also share the best ways you can learn Japanese as well among the many things they discuss.

Also, a few helpful resources for you to read that can help you learn the language:


Guide to Japanese
Tofugu’s Japanese Resource Guide


DuoLingo (a free and helpful intro to a lot of the basics),
Anki (free, flash card app used mostly for kanji),
Memrise (free, great for general vocabulary!)

If you have any questions about what these two are reading or any manga translation questions, feel free to reach out to Jenny and Amanda on Twitter or respond in the comments below.