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Hey! Welcome to the Summer Edition of The Justin Lab Report that’s…currently without a lot of text!…Yeah, I unfortunately did not get around to transcribing everything here. My expectation is by the time the summer season ends you’ll forget this text was ever here. My hope is that I’ll get the gut of this finished in the next week or two. Either later today or tomorrow, expect to read initial impressions of the Summer Season. In this podcast we give our last thoughts on the Spring season before going over what’s:

  1. Gonna be their favorites
  2. Gonna be underrated
  3. Gonna blow up in the anime community

I should now let you know who’s actually talking in this episode:

  1. Setsuken, who is the creator of Anime Evo.
  2. Katy Castillo, who is the creator of Yatta-Tachi.
  3. Alyssa, who is the creator of Anime Intensity.
  4. Tom and Linny, who happened to start All Your Anime.

Get to know them, check out their sites, and also hear what they have to say about the upcoming anime season in this special edition of the Justin Lab Report! By the way, you’ll probably notice a line at the bottom: that’s to signify where the transcriptions will be.

Anyways, please let us know what you think of the summer anime season while listening to this podcast and while the transcription is in progress.

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