While Justin bemoans the end of NYCC (literally and figuratively), Helen talks about J-Novel. We also talk about Kodansha, Ichijinsha, anddddd....another Western Collaboration?

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

1:10: Helen and Justin introduce themselves

2:30: New service J-Novel Club is started, we talk about that.

15:00: Justin explains why NYCC was as big as it was.

32:00: Justin explains how much manga actually made in a year 9 to 10 years ago, and how it’s kinda bad now compared to that.

38:00: Kodansha JP buys Ichijinsha, which…may affect a US Publisher?

42:14: Fall Anime season is off, though it starts with Justin “Bashing” Miss Hokusai.

47:05: Helen explains the anime that has gotten her attention, and some she wants to watch. One involves a show on Netflix.

1:04:05: We actually talked about Shelter The Animation! No, we didn’t call the craziness that would happen but damn it we should’ve seen it coming!

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