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Kristen Gudsnuk, behind the Dark Horse Comics logo

The creator of Henchgirl explains how this year's NYCC is much different from last year's NYCC, from her artist perspective. The creator of Henchgirl, Kristen Gudsnuk At New York Comic Con, a ton of talented people walk around or hang out at...

By Justin on Oct 26th, 2016
The OASG Podcast

While Justin bemoans the end of NYCC (literally and figuratively), Helen talks about J-Novel. We also talk about Kodansha, Ichijinsha, anddddd....another Western Collaboration? Play...

Yaya Han

At NYCC, Yaya Han chatted briefly on her collection and what she hopes the line accomplishes. In thinking back to the first cosplay she had ever done, Yaya Han recalled her days as a teenager where the idea of cosplaying the way she can today...

By Justin on Oct 20th, 2016