Helen and Justin find some way to praise the Fall anime season, NYCC, and Yamakan's ability to not stay out of trouble in this week's podcast.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen obsess over Fire Emblem Heroes, New York Comic Con, and even some article involving how football is played and…New York is underwater?

17:10:They then get into the news, with first a bit of a talk about Kimi ni Todoke finally ending in November.

18:30: Seven Seas announced a new imprint, moved some manga over to said imprint, and is bringing over World’s Harem Break and Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs. One of these manga caused a bit of a controversy.

23:43: J-Novel Club made two light novel announcements, and both can be read on their site now.

24:50: Now we get to the NYCC news portion of the podcast! Kodansha announced a few titles (note for Justin: It was a Sunday. It was reported on Monday), including bringing Tokyo Tarareba Girls into print; Vertical bringing over Pop Team Epic; FUNimation bringing over shows like My-Hime and Kabaneri to BD/DVD; and Viz speeding up My Hero Academia releases, which only makes Helen happy.

36:40: We then devote almost the rest of the podcast to the Fall anime season. Highlights include: Black Clover, The Ancient Magus Bride, A Sister’s All You Need, Anime-Gataris, Love Live Sunshine S2, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond, Konohata Kitan, Code Realize: Guardian of Rebirth, Blend-S, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Urahara, Garo: Vanishing Line, and Land of The Lustrous.

1:05:45: Finally….just when we thought we could escape Yamakan…we soon discover he makes it difficult to do.

Let us know what your favorites are this season, and any news you like (or don’t like) from the past two weeks in the comments below or by emailing us at contact at theoasg dot com