Still lewd, rude, and hilarious, Volume 7 adds a new plotline that may take the sails out of any escape plans Mari and Kiyoshi have.

Title: Prison School
Genre: Ecchi, School
Publisher: Kodansha (JP), Yen Press (US)
Artist: Akira Hiramoto
Serialized in: Weekly Young Magazine
Translation: Ko Ransom
Release Date: June 20, 2017
A review copy was provided by Yen Press.

Last time, Prison School left us off with two high school students having to potentially suck off each other.

It sounds exactly like you think, and yet, not really what you think. In other words, it’s just another way Akira Hiramoto showcases his crazy, wacky work.

Determined to add to Shadow Student Council President Mari’s woes — as if being prison isn’t enough — Kate’s plan to get something scandalous on her pays off, as it looks like Mari and Kiyoshi were doing something wild in the bath area (they were trying to suck out the poison after being bitten by snakes). She uses this blackmail material to… get Mari to take part in the school’s upcoming field day? What would be the reason for that? Not that Mari could turn it down as she is forced to accept the proposal. This makes Mari determined to escape. The problem? Well, she needs Kiyoshi and his friends to help, and Kiyoshi is all out of friends after the stunts he pulled to upset them.

That said, the boys have problems of their own. Joe and Mitsuko have suddenly formed a bond over yaoi doujins of legendary Chinese lords, which leaves Gakuto in his own personal hell; Shingo is not able to talk to Anzu; and Andre is literally a crazy kid on campus, call the cops. But a plot involving the Official Student Council is starting to take form slowly and surely, and because of their perverted nature, this may be what they need to rally behind one another again.

What is ultimately (and maybe, eventually) throwing a wench into their plans, aside from Andre’s mind and soul floating on the outer edges of Jupiter, is Chiyo’s deteriorating relationship with Mari and Kiyoshi. This is where, while the obvious sexual situations and extremely poised drawings of a dude looking up the skirt of a high school girl stand out, the crux of Prison School shines. As Chiyo has long looked up to her sister, slowly being bullied by her classmates because of what’s happened to Mari isn’t all that great for her. Unfortunately, due to being put a number of perverse situations and what appears to be a forming relationship with Mari and Kiyoshi, Chiyo is extremely conflicted. Throughout the later half of Volume 7 of Prison School, this leads to a series of misunderstandings. This not only will affect the escape plan, but it may stretch beyond that no matter if they escape or not.

Personally, it’s a nice look into Chiyo’s past and discovering how the repercussions of Mari leading the Shadow Student Council, and ultimately getting in trouble, has affected them. In some ways this volume is a look at both sisters, although we’ve seen a bit of Mari’s past with how she’s helped Meiko in Volume 6. Now the question will become when Volume 8 arrives is if they’ll be able to have the same bond that they used to.

As it did wrap itself with exploring Chiyo and all, if you were looking for more Hana, well, she plays (for now) a small role in things. The way this is paced, I have to wonder if this arc involving the two student councils will extend beyond the next volume. As great and fun as this is, it might be time to either begin moving on or lay down the tracks to a future arc. But what’s being drawn now is nice, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this craziness will turn out.