Helen and Justin return to chat about their Christmas/New Year fun, Seven Seas's licensing storm, Amazon, and most of the winter anime they're watching.

The OASG Podcast

Show Notes

  • Justin and Helen are back! And Justin admits how little he knows about snow. They both chat about what anime or manga or family things they’ve done since they last recorded.
  • Justin talks about Goblin Slayer and The Ghost and The Lady, Helen talks about Baccano!.
  • Discussion on a few of the titles Seven Seas licensed a few weeks ago, which includes Go Nagai and Record of The Lodoss War and Spirit Circle.
  • News, ranging from FUNi’s Ghost in The Shell film in theaters release, to…GeGeGe no Kitaro getting a…release? Or at least has a script?
  • We talk about Amazon, Anime Strike, and what’s gonna happen to it.
  • We then discuss the Winter Anime Season. Immediately Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has split the co-hosts, Justin thinks it’s boring, Helen thinks it’s fun. Also talked about is Gintama, ACCA, Blue Exorcist, and Rakugo. There’s also a mini-rant on Hand-Shakers somewhere in there.
  • Helen talks about Precure and Gundam, Justin then talks about Masamune-Kun’s Revenge and Piacevole.
  • Finally, The podcast concludes with Justin talking about Kuromuroko, Metropolis (the anime film), Garden of Words, and ReLife discussion

Feel free to chat about what we talked about in the comments below, and let us know how we’re doing!