Hmm, guess it's anniversary time right?

I think for most people, the creation of a blog is simple: you like a thing, you want to talk about said thing, and you want to find a way to express it.

December 18, 2010 is when OrganizationASG was born.

Man the internet just needs to forget I used this theme eons ago. I also have no idea of the hug you context, don’t ask me about it!!!

NOTE: This isn’t the very first post I wrote. On this hallowed page, because the internet never forgets, here’s the first post. All the way at the bottom. Note it no longer exists except in that form.

Also, the actual web link I changed…maybe five years ago? I don’t remember, but I switched it.

In any case, that non-first post is one of the pages still available, and boy has things changed since then. Seven years is a long time to write, and at the time I was still a Junior in school. I totally took that time for granted. Now, making time seems a bit more difficult. Social media has taken over. Responsibilities have piled up. And uh, there’s way more things out than ever before.

Also back then, I just wanted to write about anime and manga. Never would’ve thought it’d evolve into anything else, but along the way I found what I liked to do. At times I’ve struggled actually showing that. As I try and do another year of blogging, I’ll hope to keep getting better, as a person and as a writer.

Now with the personal spiel over…

Huge thanks to those who have written for this site across the seven years, and for putting up with my nonsense. A thank you to (as of this post) all 376 of you that have subscribed to TheOASG. Also, thanks to those following across your various feeds, social media, etc. And even you, the lurkers!

Quite frankly, we’re just trying to write reviews of the latest anime and manga (and sometimes LN) titles, and features involving the industry. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. But we thank you for your support, and appreciate you sticking with us, whether it’s been for all those 7 years, or even last month. We really appreciate it.

Now, please erase the old site out of your minds, thanks, see you all in a bit!