In this fairly packed podcast of Justin and Helen talking over the internet, they give their final thoughts on Anime Strike now that it's over, and also their favorite anime of 2017.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: TheOASG founder and TheOASG manga reviewer say hi using their voices for the first time in 2018. They then get into what they’re up to. Helen was watching Fate/Apocrypha and Princess Nine over the holiday lull. Meanwhile Justin spent his time finishing all the fall anime…and picked up Made in Abyss. The reason this is the case is because…

7:50: Anime Strike is dead! All titles that were formerly (US) Anime Strike exclusives can now be viewed by Prime members, which means that Anime Strike itself is gone. Needless to say, we’ve covered it from almost every angle. Justin and Helen go at it from their first reactions to the news, to just how shocking the news is, to the future of anime since Amazon was co-producing some anime…and maybe some other stuff! (also Justin was right — JManga didn’t end anywhere close to as fast as Anime Strike)

20:50: Netflix’s Godzilla is gonna air soon in every country. Violet Evergarden is airing now…and that’s not streaming on Netflix anytime soon…except for certain countries.

23:58: Junichi Sato’s directing the latest Precure anime, which excites Helen, who is endlessly behind on the series. She’s gonna need to catch up soon.

25:39: Girls Last Tour, which was a surprise anime hit, ended last week. Well, it’s manga of course.

26:40: Literally out of nowhere, Tiger & Bunny is coming back for a new season. Justin ends up discovering one factoid about the anime while Helen gleefully talks about how much she loves that it’s back.

29:56: If you thought Masaaki Yuasa was gonna have a nice few months in the West with just Devilman, well, with GKIDS licensing a few of his recent titles, it’s gonna a big year for him instead.

33:20: Encouragement of Climb’s 3rd season is airing this summer, which gets both hosts hyped. They’re ready.

35:45: Sho Tanaka, who is a Kadokawa producer, mentioned in an interview about the importance of physical sales in anime. This somehow leads Justin to find out Anime-Gataris sold extremely…poorly. This discussion also leads to what Crunchyroll is co-producing, including a few titles this season.

Main Topic!

41:58: The rest (or almost the rest of the podcast) reveals Justin and Helen’s favorite anime series of 2017. One happens to be a surprise for Helen, in that she read the manga and didn’t like it. For Justin, well, his favorite is something that’s existed for a while…and somehow manages to make fun of Bandai Namco in one episode. They also get into some of the shows they watched that they liked, but couldn’t squeeze into their top 5. Let’s just say Helen had some trouble doing this.

Weird News of the Week

1:15:26: Finally, we cover the news that…that’s weird. And unusual. Like the Supreme Ruler of Korea reading Slam Dunk and Dragon Ball.

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