It's the first episode of It's Not My Fault The OASG Podcast Is Not Popular! We talk about Funimation Now, Muse is literally the only one who talks about the 20th anniversary of Pokemon 20th, we then touch on some other news before moving our thoughts along the winter season.

TheOASG_podcast_v2-01Show Notes:

  1. Funimation Now (Article Link)
  2. Pokemon 20th Anniversary
  3. Other news 
    1. Crunchyroll changing it’s Canadian service
    2. Attack on Titan No Regrets OVA English release
  4. Winter Season Thoughts
    1. What shows we’re watching
    2. What we think about the shows we’ve seen so far
    3. What we think about the season overall

Intro and Outro are Take Me On from

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