Justin and Helen get together over the internet again to chat about the latest news in the industry, and yes, Sazae-San is one of them. Wait a minute...

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

  • Justin and Helen get into what they’ve been doing over the past few weeks, and for one, it may have involved Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • They then get into some of the news. The two chat about TOKYOPOP’s (odd?) return to manga licensing, Netflix forming an alliance with Production I.G, Wit Studio, and Bones. Both end up excitedly talking about Radiant, which is a French comic that’s going to get an anime.
  • Light novels were licensed! J-Novel Club announced they’re bringing over a LN involving Norse mythology and some kid, Cross Infinite World announced they’re bringing over a LN involving a girl and her medicine, and Yen Press is bringing over a novel where Neomo reviewed the film.
  • Other news involves Kodansha licensing Wotakoi (Justin erroneously says Crunchyroll), Netflix announcing dates for some titles, the artist of Eyeshield 21 and One Punch Man is working on a Back to the Future inspired manga, and more in this week’s podcast.
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