Justin and Helen return to chat about Ichi-F, Crunchyroll, Media Do International, and a real life harem that has way too many twists and turns to be good.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Helen discovers Justin’s bad eating habits as they kick off the podcast. During this segment the two get into what they’ve been up to. For Justin it’s been reading some library books, like Ichi-F, Golden Kamuy, and Complex Age. For Helen, she’s slowly becoming a Fire Emblem Heroes junkie…while working on papers.

20:00: Crunchyroll ended up having a major service issue last week, which isn’t a good luck as Justin and Helen get into that.

23:25: Media Do International is a new publisher that’s publishing manga. While Justin is reminded of DMP since they’re publishing some of their titles, Krystallina actually took a look at the service.

26:15: Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is finally licensed legally! You can watch the dub on FUNimation, or subbed on Crunchyroll.

27:38: Princess Jellyfish is getting a live-action TV series, and Justin is pessimistic on it being good.

29:18: Meanwhile Helen pre-ordered one of the best films of the year, In This Corner of The World. (Here’s our review) An extended cut of In This Corner of The World is now planned to happen.

31:40: More manga to anime titles have been announced — Real Girls, Yuuna and The Haunted Hot Springs, and Free!…wait, that’s not a manga! J-Novel announced two more light novels that are spooky in nature. And Yen Press made some announcements that means we’ll be getting a napping liight novel and a Yuri anthology.

36:15: Aho Girl’s gonna end in December. Is that good or is that not good?

37:00: Fist of The North Star Kickstarter was funded a while ago, but now the campaign is over.

38:57: What exactly is the Dragon Ball creator doing making some offshore investments? Justin and Helen wonder…

41:57: Jeopardy came up with the easiest questions for manga ever. Wait, manga on Jeopardy???

43:45: Toshiba and Sazae-san have been hand in hand for 48 years on TV. Welp, not anymore!

44:27: Finally…we get the ultimate harem story…in real life! And it involves the Oh My Goddess! creator! Um…even describing it is difficult.