From Cowboy Bebop being back in the news again to anime convention news, Helen and Justin have a lot to discuss, for better or worse.

Show Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen talk about what they’ve been up to. For Helen, it involves actually seeing a rakugo performance and reading free chapters of Astra Lost in Space. For Justin, it involves finally watching a very bad anime that is good because of one character. Maybe next time he will talk about a dropped anime. Maybe.

He also talks about good anime, like ēlDLIVE and Ajin.

18:00: Helen and Justin talk about Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto finally getting an anime adaptation. At some point Japan was gonna wise up and do this!!! Though Helen has some concerns about it.

21:40: Justin talks about Discotek licensing Kaiba and some other old titles. 999 is definitely involved in it.

25:40: Helen also talks about Silent Manga Audition will no longer be updating their comics. So no more Arte and others basically.

28:35: Just when we thought we were done talking about Hollywood and live-actions (Krystallina even wrote about it), Tomorrow Studios brings forth Cowboy Bebop! Oh noooo. (also Justin meant Adult Swim, not Toonami, for Cowboy Bebop)

32:20: Inferno Cop is finally getting a season 2. Took Trigger long enough!

33:25: We also talk about Akiko Higashimura, who is doing a new manga series.

36:38: Knights of Sidonia and Blame are getting a sequel. None of these are Ajin, as good as they are!

40:13: Yen Press will be releasing a web manga that’s been remade and Imhotep’s Daily Life in Japan. At least that’s what it should be called!

42:10: We normally don’t talk about video game news, though this one at least has a distant anime tie. And it is pretty horrible.

45:00: Amazon, in case you haven’t realized, is not going away! And now with Toku on the service, they’re never going away!!! So we talk about why Toku did this.

48:00: Finally, some new info on Netflix’s FIRST original anime title, B: The Beginning, formerly known as Perfect Bones.

50:08: We talk about what Crunchyroll has added to their catalog, which means more Helen’s Hot Takes!

57:50: Finally, in regards to anime and manga news, we talk about Japan’s naming sense once again with this title. A title that’s getting an anime. So expect to hear about this more next year most likely!

Con season talk!

1:00:34: Anime Expo has made a ton of announcements, a number of which involves premieres! The Ancient Magus Bride, The dub of Digimon Tri Part 3, In This Corner of The World to name a few! And some guests! This is also where we randomly call out our graphic designer, which is what we do in this podcast apparently.

1:05:57: Meanwhile, Otakon also has a pretty big list though their con’s starting in August: The founder of MAPPA will be there, director of Re:Creators will be there, and even In This Corner of The World is gonna premiere there too.

Also Helen takes time to promote her panel at Otakon, Shoujo You Should Know.

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