Eight OASG staff...25 questions...and one Kizna System... The odds are not in favor of this being any fun.

We here at TheOASG began our journey on January 1, 2016, or New Year’s Day. Over the past couple weeks however, many of us (actually one person) became concerned that you didn’t know who we are, what we stand for, or exactly how much of us are actual goofballs. So we got in touch with Noriko Sonozaki (in our heads we did), who was able to use the Kizna System to bring us together as a team.

The Kizna System is brutal
Was kind of painful

After about a week under it, we then emerged with 25 questions sent to our inbox that we all (mostly) had to answer, or else bad things would happen to each of us. So, here are the questions we all had to answer to the “best” of our abilities:

1. Name your top 5 anime series of all time.

Kuuki: Durarara!!, Jormungand, Black Lagoon, Baccano!!, Oreimo (I’m serious)

Krystallina: My personal favorites are Nana, Cross Game, Sailor Moon, Rurouni Kenshin, both Fullmetal Alchemists. Well, okay, that’s technically six, but I can’t choose between the FMAs.

Justin: In no particular order: Bunny Drop, Kill la Kill, Mawaru Penguindrum, Hunter x Hunter, and, because I feel I need a movie in here, Tokyo Godfathers.

Alcina: Top anime picks: Detective Conan (Case Closed), Tiger & Bunny, Samurai Flamenco, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, PSYCHO-PASS. Now that I write it down, there’s a common theme…can I fit Magic Kaito 1412 into under the umbrella of Detective Conan, or is that cheating?

Helen: Nope.

Manjiorin: Berserk, Nana, Tatami Galaxy, Darker than Black, Honey and Clover.

Rachael: As of this good day, May 16, 2016, in no particular order: Mawaru Penguindrum, Wolf’s Rain, From the New World, Madoka Magica, Trigun.

Karen: Psycho-Pass, PenguinDrumGankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Death Note, Ergo Proxy (I haven’t actually finished this, but it’s beautiful)

Muse: Princess Tutu, Attack on Titan, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and Princess Jellyfish.

2. Name your top 5 video game series of all time.

Justin: Also in no particular order: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Golden Sun, Tetris Attack, and Resident Evil 4.

Yes, I feel extremely sad that I probably left off 10-15 other games from my childhood too.

Muse: Undertale, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Pokemon Crystal, and Harvest Moon DS Cute.

Rachael: Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Chrono Trigger, Dark Souls, Okami.

Krystallina: Series? Oooh, tough. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mario…running out of ideas. Um, I own all the main Uta no Prince-sama games, so I guess that counts. And Pac-Man is always fun.

Kuuki: I haven’t even played 5 video games in my life.

Helen: I’m pretty sure I haven’t even finished five video games ever.

Karen: I don’t play video games.

Alcina: My list: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) / Monster Hunter, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (3DS) / Zero Escape, Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) / Kid Icarus, Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (PSP) / Hakuouki, Transistor (PC). I lived under the eagle eye of parents until I moved out for school, and didn’t start gaming until several years ago.

Manjiorin: Ah man, not much of a gamer but… Ico (PS2), Taiko Drum Master (the DS versions), oh God, I’m out. I’m what you would describe as a “casual gamer.” Oh! And Zelda: The Ocarina of Time for N64. Riding Epona was the coolest thing ever.

3. What are you currently reading?

Manjiorin: Lots and lots of manga… things like Maid-sama!, Yowamushi Pedal, Noragami, — the list goes on forever. Otherwise I’m checking out Quiet, that popular book about introverts.

Helen: Well I mean, how soon are we posting this? Since I’ll have probably read two more things since then. Currently currently it’s Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Karen: The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss.

Kuuki: A novel about the OSS whose title I don’t remember written by someone I don’t remember.

Muse: The most recent English releases of the Tokyo Ghoul volumes.

Rachael: The Wind up Bird Chronicles by Murakami and finally checking out the Spice and Wolf novels.

Krystallina: Whole bunch of stuff. Last volumes I read were Love Master A, Anne Happy, and Until Death Do Us Part.

Justin: Napoleon Hill’s Keys to Success, Kugane Maruyama’s Overlord, Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.

Alcina: Valor anthology, What Is Obscenity from Koyama Press, Kiss Him, Not Me on Crunchyroll.

4. What are you currently playing?

Muse: Stardew Valley! I can’t say no to old school game styled after Harvest Moon!

Alcina: Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright (3DS) and Alphabear (Android).

Krystallina: Finishing up Norn9 as well as collecting the freebie legendaries in Pokemon Y/Alpha Sapphire.

Kuuki: Nothing, I don’t play video games. (I don’t play Neko Atsume either)

Karen: Um, nothing.

Manjiorin: I was into playing the PS3 version of Wheel of Fortune on PS4 via a streaming trial for like a solid week about a month or so ago. The trial ended, and I still haven’t apologized to my neighbors for all the screaming I did when solving puzzles.

Helen: Hustle Cat, I may even finish this one!

Rachael: FINALLY getting back on the path of Nohr after being released from my academic clutches.

Justin: The only games I play these days are Fire Emblem Fates and Pokemon Trading Card Game. I’m very much stuck in the past.

5. What don’t you know about the anime industry?

Justin: What’s it like to be in the room or over Skype or however a company tries to license some titles with the people in Japan — it’s probably intense, serious, and filled with lots of people talking Japanese so I wouldn’t understand a thing.

On an unrelated note, I recently found my Japanese For Busy People workbook that I had in college. I also have frequented Tofugu a few days ago. Just saying.

Kuuki: I have absolutely no idea, lot of things I guess. I’ve looked up what I wanted to know so there’s nothing I’m particularly curious about right now.

Rachael: Mainly budgetary concerns.

Muse: How do they decide which series get an adaptation? And I don’t mean the obvious answers–like money, advertising, etc.–but how do those discussions work? Has there ever been a case when an author says no? What happens then?

Helen: After someone else brought it up on twitter, I am curious about how closely manga-ka work with their editors/would like to know more names of editors to see if I can see trends in the works they’ve worked on.

Alcina: Who decides what merchandise gets made? What is the process from brainstorming to prototyping to design, and then production? How do you know if something will do well? How is the graphic design that contains English handled?

Manjiorin: A lot? Most things I’d imagine, since I’m not in the industry itself. If you’re asking what I’d like to know… I’m really interested in the production side of U.S manga. Paper stocks, page length choices etc. But I doubt anyone is gonna tell me how the sausage is made. 🙁

Krystallina: Why won’t more companies open up digital purchases outside Japan? What would they have to do?

Karen: Where would I even begin? There is more that I don’t know than that I know.

6. If there’s one title you’ve love to see remade — a game, anime, comic, or manga — what would it be?

Karen: Uh, got me.

Kuuki: The anime 07 Ghost. I want another studio and I want a longer thing.

Alcina: I really want the Phantom Thief Jeanne anime to be remade. Arina Tanemura came out with the updated covers and extra art for the manga, and I feel it would have a lot of potential even now. I really enjoyed the Double Arts manga, and really want it to be be remade with a real ending. It was originally ended because it didn’t do well, the creator’s next work is much more well-known (Naoshi Komi, Nisekoi: False Love).

Manjiorin: I just want CGI-less Berserk. Please.

Krystallina: Threads of Fate a.k.a. Dewprism. Well, it needs a sequel as well, but start with a remake/remaster.

Rachael: I would absolutely love to see Shadow Lady made into an anime series, complete with schlocky 90’s aesthetic. Other than that, I want to see Fruits Basket made into a non-cardboard series.

Muse: Princess Tutu 15 Year Anniversary with updated animation and regular-length episodes for it’s second half please! (Let me dream!)

Helen: I have a fear of remakes after Eureka 7 Astral Ocean.

Justin: Tough choice, but I guess if there’s one title I’d like to see remade, I’d love for it to be Golden Sun — just get it on the NX, with HD summons and everything, and I’ll be there, ready to relive the game that got me into RPGs back in 2002.

7. What’s been your favorite anime, manga, movie, or game of 2016 so far?

Krystallina: Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto. Shoutout to Sailor Moon Crystal for not being full of suck like the first two seasons.

Justin: Nichijou, with at least a step or two ahead of Princess Jellyfish.

Alcina: Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo — I know a lot of people are divided on the film. It hinges on a misunderstanding that could have been cleared up in 30 seconds, but just the animation and the new story direction really brings something for all Evangelion fans. I never really appreciated Misato’s role in the series until I saw this film.

Manjiorin: I really, really enjoyed Vertical’s release of A Girl on the Shore. I love Asano, and it was just more of what I loved. Speaking of more, though it was no cinematic masterpiece, I really enjoyed seeing the Psycho Pass movie in theaters. It was great seeing some of my favorite characters together again.

Karen: I like Erased, and someday I will finish watching it.

Helen: Since I only have a really good sample size for anime of 2016, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.

Kuuki: I don’t think I’ve watched/read anything from 2016 yet so…

Rachael: Prefer not to answer.

Muse: My Hero Academia has been a really pleasant surprise! I’m really happy that it hasn’t gone down the path of “anime high school” cliches and has kept its focus on Deku growing and earning his powers, not just handing them to him. I’m really excited to see where this goes!

8. Do any of you know the ending to Akira?

Justin: The only thing I can say about Akira is that I did watch it, and still wonder why the hell it looks better than most anime today; so, all that said, I just remember them being at a stadium and something turned into mush. I remember nothing else.

Alcina: For the manga, no. For the film, yes.

Helen: I mean, I remember reading the manga years ago, watching the movie, and wondering why everyone was taken in by the eye-candy when the plot seemed much dumber in comparison.

Kuuki: Nope.

Krystallina: No.

Muse: Nope.

Rachael: Greasy kid go boom lol.

Manjiorin: So, I just actually watched Akira a few years ago, and I was very sleepy at the time, so I didn’t remember. I re-watched it again a year ago and I was also very sleepy at the time, so I don’t remember now either. Sleepiness and Akira are sworn enemies apparently.

Karen: I have not actually seen Akira (hangs head in shame).

9. What’s the oldest video game system you still have?

Kuuki: None, I don’t play video gameees.

Karen: I don’t have one.

Muse: I still have my Game Boy Color. The batteries are dead though.

Manjiorin: Tie between the PlayStation and the Sega Saturn. And the Saturn still works (as does the PlayStation, actually)!

Helen: I’ve got a Game Boy Advance with the batteries taped in because the plastic holder kept falling out?

Rachael: Game Boy SP! My original Game Boy Color got lost in the kerfuffle of various moves.

Krystallina: I think I still have my Atari 2600 in storage. But definitely PS1.

Justin: Super Nintendo, although I don’t think that works anymore, so I’ll say Game Boy Color.

Alcina: PlayStation Portable, because otome games.

10. Are you going to get a Rowlet, Litten, or Popplio?

Manjiorin: Meh.

Karen: What?

Krystallina: Popplio.

Alcina: Team LITten. Though, if there are confusing areas in the game, I might not get it. I’ve been directionally challenged in games since day one, and Pokemon is at the top of that list.

Justin: If I DID plan on getting the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon game, it’d have to be Litten because of the corny yet fitting name for a fire cat. Even if it just makes me think of Houndour and Houndoom.

Rachael: I love Rowlet, but Litten’s bitchface is calling me.

Kuuki: I don’t care, so I am not going to buy any.

Helen: Fire cats ftw.

Muse: Popplio! I love all three of them, but the backlash against Popplio makes me want to protect them. Leave my baby sea lion alone!

11. If you could go back in time and to the 90’s, what would you warn game companies about?

Rachael: Make that E.T game. You’ll wind up making an awesome documentary about it.

Krystallina: The Internet will find everything, so don’t start adding things you don’t want found. And don’t waste money on making the Final Fantasy movie.

Helen: Don’t game enough to really know what I’d say.

Manjiorin: Mobile gaming is going to ~change the world~ or something like that.

Muse: When you localize games, please don’t make all the characters American. I know that certain things don’t translate well over here, but you’re making additional work for yourselves by trying to completely change the locale of some games, and all that’s gonna result in is random people on the internet making fun of how you changed the hair color on sprites a few years down the road.

Alcina: Internet memes will make or break your games. P.S. girl gamers exist, and are, and will continue to be, a large portion of your audience.

Kuuki: Not to wait so much before jumping on the streaming bandwagon.

Karen: Asking the wrong person.

Justin: Mostly just tell Nintendo and Sony to make up so A) the PlayStation would have never been born and B) Sega would’ve still been in business AND I could’ve gotten a Dreamcast.

(I really regret not getting a Dreamcast)

12. If you could go back to high school, what’s the one thing you would warn yourself about?

Helen: “Okay, acne? Never going away.”

Muse: No one is judging you for liking anime. They’re too busy worrying about people judging them. Just relax and enjoy what you enjoy!

Justin: That I probably should have at least figured out what I was really interested in before going off to college — if that meant joining the drama club or whatnot, then there you go.

Karen: Don’t rack up student loan debt to go to college.

Kuuki: I’d tell myself not to study something else.

Alcina: Friends come and go, no need to worry so much about it.

Manjiorin: Don’t worry too much about making friends in college. It’s a relatively short time and you’ll feel a tad more comfortable in your element post-college.

Krystallina: The job market will suck. Really suck. Might be better off spending money on lottery tickets than college tuition…

Rachael: Fuck your school’s drama program.

13. What’s been the most creative project you’ve done, aside from blogging?

Karen: My master’s thesis was a volume of poetry. I also put on a killer Harry Potter party for one of my daughters.

Krystallina: Hmmmm. Well, a long time ago, I cut up my old Sailor Moon comics and made posters.

Kuuki: I’m doing photography so that’s it.

Helen: Cosplay easily.

Muse: I’ve finished a few novel drafts and written a screenplay. Someday I’d like the publish at least one of the former and turn the latter into a webcomic!

Alcina: Painting wall murals and vector art on vinyl tapestries.

Justin: Ok, so I DID have one thought growing up — becoming a novelist. I had fiction published on one site LOL (and yeah, Wayback Machine won’t let you read it. Maybe it’s for the best.)

Rachael: Attempting to translate some passages of books into Spanish as part of an immersion project. That was fun.

Manjiorin: I did a project in middle school, when I was still a baby anime fan, where we had to hang things in and decorate a box that described who we were. I filled it with hanging pictures of Gundams and Sailor Moon dolls. I was doomed from there.

14. Where were you when you found out half the internet melted because of Cloud in Smash Bros?

Helen: It did?

Manjiorin: I guess I was temporarily not alive or something, because I don’t remember this at all.

Kuuki: I didn’t even know so I probably was on a trip somewhere.

Rachael: Not with anyone who particularly cared.

Karen: What are you even talking about?

Alcina: Don’t remember. I was way more excited about Bayonetta being in Smash.

Justin: Um, I was watching the Nintendo Direct when it happened, and while I understood the significance since it was Cloud, it was very clear I had no FF7 backstory, which is why thanks to Smash Bros, I’m now interested in Cloud’s game.

Muse: I got home from work and laughed at the memes on Twitter.

Krystallina: Laughing at the “smells like a Chocobo” line.

15. How many languages can you speak?

Alcina: Two. Cantonese and English.

Rachael: Two. I grew up around Spanish speakers.

Kuuki: I can speak 3 fluently, can more or less understand 4, and can read 5, working on the 6th (hello there, lovely kanji~)

Muse: Only one fluently. I can sort of understand Spanish and a bit of Japanese, but not enough to speak either of them well.

Krystallina: One. I can get by shounen/shoujo anime and manga in Japanese though.

Karen: One, and a bit of ASL.

Manjiorin: 1: American English

Justin: Just English. Maybe Japanese one day.

Helen: Just English.

16. Name your 3 favorite places you’ve traveled to in your lifetime.

Muse: Hawaii, Disneyland, and San Francisco. I don’t get out of my area a lot.

Rachael: The Florida Keys, Washington DC, and my blanky.

Kuuki: The first one is Japan and the next two are other places in Japan. So basically, that’d be Hokkaido, Okinawa and the Yamagata prefecture. Tokyo doesn’t count since I’m living there.

Alcina: I’m not really that well-travelled, but I guess I would pick Victoria, British Columbia. The weather was mild when I went there, which was nice. I also have fond memories of the Golden Bauhinia Square (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre) as well.

Justin: By default California, Six Flags, and Wildwood. The last two are amusement parks. I have never traveled elsewhere.

Karen: New York, Great Britain, Paris.

Manjiorin: I haven’t traveled enough to have huge favorites, but I’ve enjoyed most of my visits to Chicago, especially for Anime Central.

Helen: I haven’t even been on vacation in three or four years so I have no idea.

Krystallina: I’ve traveled to a few places, but most I don’t remember much since I was so young. So I’ll say Washington, D.C., Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, and Chicago since I went to those places in high school.

17. What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?

ManjiorinBacon. Yeah, bacon. Or cinnamon rolls.

Krystallina: French toast sticks from Burger King.

Rachael: Pancakes with syrup blood and butter flesh.

Kuuki: A croissant. Of course.

Justin: I’d say french toast, except that was literally all I would eat for breakfast in high school growing up (complete with lots of syrup — think of Hijikata in Gintama and mayonnaise, just replace the mayonnaise with syrup, and behold, lots of syrup) until my doctor said stop or bad things will happen, so instead, I’d say sweet potatoes. I never had it for breakfast until recently, and I love what I can do with it.

Alcina: Crepes! Or french toast, with milk tea.

Muse: Bagels!

Karen: Waffles.

Helen: Food, no really, no food is terrible.

18. Which is better: tea or coffee?

Justin: Coffee.

Helen: Smoothies!

Rachael: Coffee. Only cortaditos will be there for me early in the morn when I’m battle worn from studying all night. But I prefer soda.

Krystallina: Hot Chocolate.

Kuuki: Coffee.

Manjiorin: Neither!

Karen: Coffee, hands down.

Muse: I love tea! Coffee is too bitter for me, and I react to caffeine the way small children react to sugar. It doesn’t end well.

Alcina: HK-style milk tea is a tea, so tea.

19. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Rachael: People verbally punctuating their sentences with “so”.

Kuuki: Rudeness.

Muse: Deliberately acting a certain way to hurt someone else, either physically or emotionally. I can’t stand that.

Manjiorin: Noise, especially random repetitive noise.

Alcina: People sneezing into hands, and then touching other surfaces (especially keyboards).

Justin: People who clearly don’t have the best reading comprehension first mistake what an article is telling them, and then find a way to butcher it and twist it to their liking. It’s frustrating since you can’t explain it to them. They won’t listen.

…It was either this or people not washing their hands for some reason.

Krystallina: Your vs you’re.

Helen: People complaining about “facts” or “events” which aren’t even real in the first place.

Karen: People who don’t use turn signals.

20. What is your song of the week?

Justin: I don’t actually go out of my way to listen to music, so I got nothing.

Manjiorin: None this week.

Karen: White Room by Cream.

Alcina: Cancelling the Apocalypse (Ramin Djawadi, Pacific Rim OST).

Krystallina: I’ve been listening to the Night series from samfree on YouTube/Nico Nico.

Muse: Run Away With Me from The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown. I heard a cover of it on YouTube and now I’m obsessed with it.

Rachael: Fuck Shit Stack by Reggie Watts.

Kuuki: The Yodobashi camera song (don’t go listen to it, it’s a bad idea)

Helen: Non-Stop.

21. What do you drink with dinner?

Kuuki: Water.

Krystallina: Dr. Pepper. But the Cherry version is the best.

Alcina: Water.

Helen: Juice or milk.

Justin: Water or Ginger Ale.

Rachael: Soda. The occasional unsweetened tea/lemonade mix if I‘m feeling particularly bourgeoisie.

Manjiorin: Water.

Karen: LaCroix.

Muse: Water.

22. What is your favorite food?

Rachael: Food.

Kuuki: Oyako-don.

Alcina: Chinese BBQ duck would top the list. Can’t eat it often or a lot, but it’s good when I do get it.

Manjiorin: Cookies — anything with sugar. I think it’s my life force.

Justin: This is always tough since I like a lot of foods, but I like seafood the most, especially fried fish.

Krystallina: Hamburgers. Not cheeseburgers.

Karen: Pizza.

Muse: Teriyaki chicken!

Helen: Don’t have one!

23. What movies can you watch over and over and over and still love?

Helen: I don’t rewatch movies.

Muse: Pretty much any Ghibli or Disney movie.

Kuuki: The Lord of the Rings series I guess. Or the Pirates of the Caribbean one.

Manjiorin: I really love that animated Anastasia movie from back in the 90s. It’s just a great movie and I really liked the romance and banter between the main characters.

Justin: For the kid in me, I’ve never found myself tired of watching Space Jam.

Otherwise, Tokyo Godfathers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Guardians of The Galaxy, and The Pursuit of Happiness I can watch over and over and over again, though the last one is just gonna make me depressed though.

Krystallina: Beauty and the Beast, Sailor Moon R The Movie, Gone with the Wind, and, because of a family joke, Follow That Bird from Sesame Street.

Alcina: Redline, Princess Mononoke, Paprika, the Speed Racer live-action directed by the Wachowskis. For not-anime films, the list would include The Princess Bride, 3-Iron, and You Shoot, I Shoot.

Karen: You’ve Got Mail, the Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr., Sense and Sensibility.

Rachael: Birdman, Perfect Blue, Moulin Rouge. I don’t like playing favorites.

24. Are you afraid of heights?

Rachael: UH HUH.

Helen: A bit but I can deal with it.

Alcina: No.

Krystallina: Yes. I start getting that “this could end terribly” feeling just by standing on a ladder.

Kuuki: Nope.

Justin: Not really. I blame having to live on high floors for most of my life for this.

Manjiorin: Kind of? Not enough to stop me from doing anything, but I’m probably going to be mildly uncomfortable.

Karen: Very.

Muse: I’m not afraid of heights, but I do have a fear of falling. I can’t get close to ledges at all.

25. Finally, who are you losers again and what should we know about you that we don’t know?

Justin: (2010, Co-Founder) Well, I’m a writer who just started a blog on WordPress in 2010 simply because I wanted to write about anime and manga. Over time though, a major event happened in 2013 that really changed my mindset, and what I wanted to do to with the site. And while I’m still working on getting the site where it needs to be, I’m glad that event happened though.

Otherwise, I’m a struggling job seeker at the moment LOL

Kuuki: (2011, Anime Editor and Japan Stories Writer) I’m scary, annoying and I don’t even watch anime beyond Sazae-san now that they stopped broadcasting Gintama.

(Justin, you’re going to die, it was too long to write thiiis)

Muse: (2011, Editor, Co-Founder, Host of TheOASG Podcast) I’m Muse, a writer, a tutor, and a multifandom person! At the moment I’m trying to become a full-time teacher, but in my spare time I watch anime, write fanfiction, and draw fanart.

Manjiorin (2012, Manga Editor): I could say something really obnoxious here like, “Who are we all, really?” but instead I’ll just say I’m a random chick on the internet. Here’s an exclusive secret too: I like manga.

Karen: (2015, Social Media Manager) I’m a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Well, sadly, I’m not that interesting. I’m a mom to two teenage girls. I’ve been married for 17 years. I work for a nonprofit. I’m a breast cancer survivor. I can’t eat gluten. I love bookstores and libraries. I’m obsessed with the Sherlock TV series, and I love Doctor Who.

Helen (2015, Manga Reviewer): I’m Helen and I have more stuffed animals now than I ever did as a kid.

Alcina (2015, Graphic Designer): Hello, this is your friendly neighbourhood designy-developy-wibbly-wobbly person! I got my username from a certain character from Detective Conan (guess!), find me on Twitter @kaitou_al. I own a variety of Tachikoma, including the nendoroids in 3 colours. Weaknesses include sweets, alpacas, and plushies of huggable size.

Krystallina (2016, Please Save My Money Author): I’m just a cheapskate who runs also runs a blog. Someday I will own the Goldfish Warning!/Kingyo Chuuihou! anime box set because that show is hilarious.

Rachael (2016, Anime Contributor): I’m a loud mouthed bitch with short hair that spends too much time on her hobbies.