There's a manga called Judas that has blood and Eden talk. This makes all the sense in the world.

JudasDeath possesses a boy and makes him look like a girl so Death can get 666 souls. Boy falls for super genius. Super genius is conflicted about her brother/savior’s behavior. People ramble about “Eden” and die. That’s Judas in a nutshell.

The series just pretty much thrusts readers into a supernatural setting and doesn’t spend much time doing setup. How does a 16-year-old orphan manage to rise the ranks and cure leukemia? What are the spirits Judas fights? How old is Eve? I haven’t a clue. I know this is still only volume one, but then an author should spend time establishing the world of their story and introducing the characters. Author Minazuki wastes pages by having Mizuki and Eve go for a beef bowl…and get told it’s sold out. Instead, Minazuki should have been explaining more about Judas/Eve’s powers and the drugs Mizuki has been working on.

The story and the art just don’t flow well for me. In the second chapter, we expect to see Eve transform. What do we get instead? An egg. Then he transforms anyway as the villain-of-the-day babbles about being the newly-hatched chick’s papa. Even Mizuki’s introduction is confusing. She goes from a suicide attempt to immediately noticing there’s a fast food bag in her apartment. Her fall looks pretty unrealistic as well. Mizuki falls downward on her back, and yet somehow she bounces off at a perfect 45 degree angle and still falls in the same position.

I think the idea of Judas had potential, but I didn’t like the execution.