How to raise a boring mummy.

This is the newest manga to join Crunchyroll’s manga library, and another series from their collaboration with Japanese comic app Comico. While the origin of a manga usually doesn’t affect the reader that much, in this case How to keep a mummy does have the added benefit of being in full color just like some of Comico’s other manga, yipee!

Outside of that little bonus, and really while the coloring isn’t bad it’s also not very distinct, memorable, or otherwise interesting, there’s not a lot offered by this comic. Sora Kashiwagi lives essentially by himself and his globe-trotting father occasionally sends him presents. This time around the “present” consisted of a very large coffin and a tiny, palm-sized mummy. It’s certainly different compared to the current monster girl trend but this pint-sized mummy, whom Sora dubs “Mii-kun” is about as interesting as a very boring dog and the novelty soon wears off.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.53.26 PM

Now some folks might like the idea of a simple, fluffy story of a boy and his pet but I just found the story too repetitive. Mii-kun tries to do something to make Sora like him more, sometimes Mii-kun actually does something cute by accident, and that’s about it. I didn’t find any of the gags actually amusing and think this story would have worked much better as a one-shot. Perhaps more characters will get added into the mix later to shake things up a bit (so far, however, even adding in Sora’s classmate hasn’t helped since he’s also got only one gag) but so far the series only has one joke and it’s as dead as Mii-kun.