Tsukigakirei had some minor faults, but there's one major mistake it made that Justin won't let go. For 12 Days of anime, he had to highlight it.
Tsukigakirei Kota, Akane
Nice couple

Tsukigakirei is one of the best anime series of 2017. It stars Kotaro and Akane, two young kids who enter a clumsy, but lovely relationship that takes a good 12 episodes to complete. It’s one of the few anime series I reviewed on the site, so for those who have not watched it, go read the review, then go watch the anime. It’s fantastic.

For those who did watch the anime, I guess I’m gonna get my rant on about the last episode of the anime.

The spoilers….starts…now





I hated how Tsukigakirei ended.

It ended with Akane and Kotaro making their feelings known to each other, despite the fact that Akane’s moving away. They kept in touch throughout their high school and college life, then eventually got married. The anime ended with them surrounded by the family, and their baby. It was pretty sweet, and a great conclusion to the show.

…So, you ask, why do I hate the ending?

…Because I wanted more!

Give me Akane and Kotaro trying to work out a long distance relationship, as that’s, as far as I know, never a thing in anime. Give me Akane and Kotaro being tempted by people around them! Give me them sneaking to be with each other alone!

Don’t. Give. Me. This!!!

Tsukigakirei "The Hubby"….Yes, so this anime made me sad that it was over. Most anime do that, but for Tsukigakirei this year, it felt like there could have been more of a story to tell. Now, if there was a sequel to it everything could totally be ruined. It could be totally contrived or illogically messy, and ruin what was already established. I’d still watch it, and then whine if it’s bad. But knowing that this is all for this wonderful work saddens me. And I will definitely continue to miss it.

So, am I the only one who feels this way? Did you think it could’ve continued? Would you have wanted it to continue?
Justin will forever remain salty over this ending. Um, no, this ending is cute, the ENDING in general. Um…

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