Hand Shakers aired this past Winter. It was a memorable anime. For all the best reasons.

It doesn’t matter that this currently holds a 5.73 rating on MAL, a 2 star rating on A-P or a 44.53% rating on Kitsu. Hand Shakers is the most memorable show that everybody probably forgot aired this year. Between a host of other anime (and a lot of anime) and just 2017 in general, you’d be remiss if you thought this aired last year.

But it’s hard to forget a show where you have such amazing animation as this:

Hand Shakers girl

Or a show that has a scene where a man’s doing this to a woman:

Hand Shakers chain

…Ok, truthfully, I did actually forget about this anime. I watched either two or three episodes of it, and I at least remember the part where the main characters had to hold hands before getting into a life and death battle. After that the preview showed there would be a scene where the female lead (who doesn’t like to talk) is naked. I noped the hell out after that.

But for 12 Days of Anime, I wondered what would be some shows I would be writing about and after looking over the list, I thought, “Wait…did Hand Shakers air this year?” Lo and behind, it did. This is what GoHands, who is well known thanks to bringing out their style of animation with K, brought to the table this year. Yet, it sucked. It…it sucked. Like how this could have seen the light of day is unbelievable. Granted, you never know what will actually suck until you check it out. I’m sure there are some fans of Hand Shakers. I’m glad you like the anime.

I’m almost counting on forgetting this title existed like a year from now. The only reason I’ll remember it is because I wrote about it and had to grab the gifs so you can understand just how silly this anime was.

Don’t watch Hand Shakers boys and girls.

12 Days of Anime is a series of posts from bloggers regarding the best, worst, or in between anime moments of 2017. Here’s the initial article from Appropriant inviting bloggers to take part.