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Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper Volume 5

Title: Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Ice Reaper (Final Fantasy Type-0 Gaiden Hyoken no Shinigami) Genre: Action Publisher: Square Enix (JP), Yen Press (US) Story/Artist: Takatoshi Shiozawa Supervision: Tetsuya Nomura Serialized in: Shounen...

By Krystallina on Aug 27th, 2016
LCAC 2016 Day 2 052

Liberty City Anime Convention happened, and Justin decided to go attend it for no reason other than, "It's in NY and it's in Times Square!"The biggest standout of Liberty City Anime Convention is that it’s an anime con smack dab between...

By Justin on Aug 26th, 2016

Will someone please just give Illya a hug...Prisma Illya is not amusing me in any way now. I’m well aware of Emo Illya cropping up in episodes, but this is seriously emo on a new level. I mean, watching her act like this and being pushed...

By Neomo on Aug 26th, 2016
Log Horizon: A Sunday in Akiba Volume 5

With more fluff than eight cakes! ...

By Helen on Aug 25th, 2016
Translator Tea Time

This month manga translators Amanda Haley and Jenny McKeon mix RPG and fanfiction talk with questions about the translation process, manga bibles, and popular titles that won't be translated.Jenny on the left, Amanda on the right. Episode 2...

LCAC Guests

The guests that were left -- Ian Rubin, Tyler & Heather Walker, Brittany Lauda, Jessi Nowack, Marcus Stimac, Matt Shipman, Corine "Megami33" Sudberg, xJerry64x, & Michael Hecht -- spent a near hour answering good questions.

By Justin on Aug 25th, 2016
The OASG Podcast

This episode, Helen and Muse talk about anime availability on Hulu and Yahoo View, the upcoming Bleach live action move, and much more!


Looking for some basic tips when shopping for anime and manga? Look no further! Sometimes I forget that not everyone shops the way I do. But here are some tips to set you on the path of being an elite bargain hunter! 1. Amazon isn’t the...

How Anime and Manga Translators Learned Japanese

Industry translators share how they learned Japanese.Over the past week, I reached out to a number of translators currently translating in either the anime or manga industry. There are ways you can learn Japanese, but some way or another you...

By Justin on Aug 22nd, 2016

There are mysterious things in the east of the east of the east ...

By Helen on Aug 22nd, 2016