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Complex Age Volume Five

As the story begins to wind down, Nagisa finds reasons to brood and hope.Title: Complex Age Genre: Drama Publisher: Kodansha (JP), Kodansha USA (US) Artist/Writer: Yui Sakuma Serialized in: Weekly Morning Translation: Alethea Nibley &...

By Helen on Aug 3rd, 2017
Complex Age By Yui Sakuma

How do cosplayers feel about reading a manga about...themselves? Here's a few that share their thoughts on Yui Sakuma's manga. Complex Age, by Yui Sakuma, is a manga that revolves around Nagisa Kataura, a 26 year old temp-worker that is also...

By Justin on Jun 12th, 2017

Should your hobby become your life? ...

By Helen on Jul 22nd, 2016