Between Joe & Gackt getting "educated", Andrenomics being born, and the Shadow Student Council getting torn apart, there's enough entertainment to last a while.

Prison SchoolTitle: Prison School
Genre: Ecchi, School
Publisher: Kodansha (JP), Yen Press (US)
Artist: Akira Hiramoto
Serialized in: Weekly Young Magazine
Translation: Ko Ransom
Release Date: March 28, 2017
A review copy was provided by Yen Press.

In Prison School you’ll have a moment where the manga will touch on hormonal emotions with teens.

Then maybe pages later you’ll see said teens locked in a bath with Mamushi pit vipers.

A lot happens in Prison School Volume 6, though one thing is clear: the battle between the Shadow Student Council and Hachimitsu’s Student Council seems to be drawing to an entertaining conclusion. But the numerous subplots involving the characters are the major draw that will satisfy continuing readers.

To sum up the main plot: Hachimitsu’s Student Council is not only making life miserable for the Shadow Student Council, but to further ruin any reputation they might’ve had. It first starts with tricking Hana; the second is mentally destroying Meiko; the last is embarrassing Mari. Due to various emotional issues it is working, though the five boys, and in particular Kiyoshi, could threaten their plans. Now that Kiyoshi knows what the Student Council’s doing, he knows he has to do something before it’s too late. He might have to do it alone…and fail…

The other subplots: Gackt makes a shocking discovery that apparently threatens his “relationship” with Mitsuko, which somehow ropes him and Joe into the path of discovering boys love. Andre, who has desired to be whipped and beaten up by the Shadow Vice President runs into a dilemma: Meiko is no longer who she was, and this has harmed him so much he can’t take it — and apparently neither can the current Vice President, Risa. Shingo and Anzu are having some massive issues thanks to Kiyoshi’s idiocy. That seems to frighten Hana for obvious reasons, but also gets her horny…?

While the subplots serve to develop the characters and be outrageously hilarious, the moments where Andre can’t enjoy being with the Shadow VP anymore are actually impacting the main arc, which is Hachimitsu’s Student Council doing whatever they can to crush Hana, Meiko, and Mari completely.

The issue is that they’re not helping them improve, but out of spite lead by the current President, Kate. Between Kate’s history with Meiko and Mari from the end of Volume 5 to the early part of Volume 6, it’s not simply her teaching the two a lesson, it’s driven out of anger.

This is made clear when they convince Hana to not be with Meiko and Mari. Ok, other moments have certainly taken place to show this, but this continues to be a driving theme as the two have to absorb whatever is being dished out by Kate and Risa. Based on the events so far though, it does seem like this arc will finish in the upcoming volume.

Needless to say, this is your typical Prison School volume. The outrageously perverse drawings are still around, complete with a bit of sweetness and blushing in irregular doses. Whether you need to see Andre at his most miserable or you need to see Kiyoshi hanging out with Mari for undisclosed reasons, there’s enough laughter to go around. It has its annoyances (Kiyoshi’s kissing wisdom was dumb) and I feel it’s stalling for far too long.

But Prison School is still entertaining, and I don’t know why longtime readers would put this off at the moment.