Amanda and Jenny's Translator Tea Time podcast returns with a big time subject: how they feel when a work they're translating gets turned into an anime!

Manga Translators Amanda Haley and Jenny McKeon's podcast

Show Notes

1:00: Amanda and Jenny return, and immediately lament on having to wait to translate some manga. For example, Amanda really wants to work on more Kiniro Mosaic.

5:15: Amanda asks how many yuri titles Jenny’s translating (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Secret of The Princess, Hana and Hina, Bloom Into You). This leads into the main subject: anime adaptations of manga they’ve worked on. How do they feel about it, do they watch the subtitles of an anime (Jenny makes a stunning admission about anime subtitles, though will admit it depends on the site — Editor’s note), do they watch it for work, etc.

26:55: Amanda reveals the manga she translated that got an anime series, and…didn’t like. (Jenny has yet to have that misfortune)

31:50: Both talk about what titles they hope get turned into an anime. This eventually leads to them hoping for more yuri anime.

40:30: Amanda apparently recommends an anime from the Winter 2017 season.

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