Every Tuesday at 9PM EST, look forward to listening or reading about the daily lives of high school boys. And girls.

Back in the day, as in, when we called Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, was using WordPress.com, and had a black background as our screen, I interviewed people every Thursday for a segment called Thursday Lab Report, which entailed simply interviewing people involved in anime and manga, like bloggers, editors, voice actors, etc.

I’m bringing it back.

Every Tuesday, 9PM EST, an interview with a guest of the anime or manga industry will take place. Expect it to be a bit more fun than usual, but expect a few questions that will hopefully shine a light on aspects of the industry, blogging, voice acting, etc. There will be audio and a transcription, but unless the audio is borked, it will be up every Tuesday. So the schedule looks pretty simple:

June 7: Katelyn Barr (@KBeeThatsMe)
June 14: Lauren Orsini (@Laureninspace)
June 21: ???
June 28: ???

So I hope you guys are looking forward to–wait, what’s that? You see I’ve already booked some guests already? Yep! Barring any last minute snags, I will be chatting with Sentai’s ADR scriptwriter and voice actress Katelyn Barr, and former Kotaku and Japanator Intern/Otaku Journalist/Forbes/Anime News Network writer Lauren Orsini. Chances are I’ll ask all of the bad questions, but feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@kami_nomi) or email me at contact at theoasg dot com questions, suggestions on who to interview, etc.

Anyways, let’s get the snowball all dusted off and ready to go.