Justin's returned to podcasting, only to find out that his co-host has a chainsaw sounding MacBook. That's why Helen steps in again to chat about the spring season, CLAMP bringing back Cardcaptor Sakura, a writer apologizing about a movie that doesn't exist, and more.

The OASG PodcastToday’s Topics: CLAMP and Sakura, Dragonball Evolution apology

Other topics:

  • Short spring season thoughts
  • Japan Day
  • AnimeNEXT news
  • Under The Dog
  • Zaregoto

“GO is NOT a card game, I swear–” Justin trying desperately to overcome that mistake while editing this podcast. Otherwise, there are MASSIVE spoilers about Captain America: Civil War at the end of the podcast. HONEST!* Apologies for the audio issue, it jumps up around the 1:30 mark.


*It’s not true.