Helen and Justin try to get back into nerdy stuff. This somehow involves Seven Seas, Jaden Smith, and Harmony Gold. Wait a minute, one of these things is not like the other...

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen return, only to talk about either going to SPX or trying to catch up to anime in the midst of work and school. Though it’s just school and work for Helen. Justin did finally check out a very useful Manga in Theory book though.

7:07: Seven Seas made a ton of licensing announcements over the past few weeks. One of them involves a title that Go Nagai wrote eons ago. Another is a title that has an anime, and that anime is getting a sequel. Listen to find out what did actually catch the two’s attention.

18:25: Harmony Gold and Tatsunoko court case could be…solved? There’s actual progress? Helen of course elaborates on the situation.

23:20: Good news: Garden of Sinners, long an Aniplex title that has had some people conflicted about it, is finally streaming. Bad news: It’s on Amazon Strike, which may actually not be enough to deter people from checking it out.

26:30: Netflix’s Death Note director ended up deleting his twitter because of death threats. Justin gets into that.

29:25: While filming the live-action Yowamushi Pedal in Japan, one of the actors got injured.

30:40: Justin and Helen talk about the Kickstarter for Fist of The North Star. While Helen and Justin get into that, you can get a bit more information about it by reading Krystallina’s latest Please Save My Money column.

34:50: And finally, Justin and Helen talk about the Jaden Smith Experience…prior to actually watching it. Neo Yokio is out today, but we’re speaking days before it airs. We automatically assume it’s not great. Let them know if this is true or not.

Feel free to comment below on any of the news you saw that you have thoughts on, and feel free to give us feedback on what we can improve on, what we should talk about, etc.