Justin finally gets to chat about the issues with Netflix's take on Death Note, and Helen explains why Persona 5 is a game she's obsessed with...despite only watching YouTube videos of it in this week's It's Not My Fault TheOASG is Not Popular!

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1:20: Justin and Helen talk about what they’ve been up to since they last chatted. Helen reveals however that anime has been on the backburner for her. Instead, Persona 5 has been up her alley. The only thing is, it’s not her actually playing the game. Meanwhile, Justin’s almost in a similar boat, except he’s still keeping up with SOME related stuff. Like Marvel’s The Defenders.

Ok, and also Netflix’s take on Death Note, starring Nat Wolfe as Light Turner and Keith Stanfield as L. This time, Justin realizes during his rant that as bad as this film was, talking about it made him realize just how bad it really was. Maybe so bad it’s surprising there was any good things about it.

27:13: This is where Justin talks about The Defenders. Helen makes fun of The Hand.

34:35: They then get to anime and manga news. They first start with something important: obviously, Hurricane Harvey has affected Houston and the cities around there. It has also hit Sentai Filmworks’ employees hard as well. So they’ve put up a GoFundMe page (Currently at $19,465). If you can, feel free to donate what you can. FUNimation is also doing their part with a list of places you can donate.

39:27: Kodansha has made two digital manga announcements! Justin and Helen talk about Elegant Yokai Apartment Life and Black Panther and Sweet 16, both of which are available to read now.

41:53: Crunchyroll’s announced they’ll be doing some dubs. Not just any dubs though, dubs in different languages.

45:30: Crunchyroll has also announced they’ll be teaming up with Gree and Sumitomo to bring in some anime games, starting in 2018 with Danmachi.

49:02: Ancient and The Magic Tablet is coming back! Now under it’s localized name Napping Princess, it’s going to be available in some places this weekend. If you’re not sure about the anime, check out Justin’s review of it.

50:00: Gintama’s live action has a chance of screening outside of Japan. So maybe New York. Justin is not ready for it. As a big Gintama fan, it’s not in the way you think…

52:00: Normally we end the segment with weird news. Well, Justin and Helen debated while podcasting if a JP company doing a contest seeking “the World’s First Christian Light Novel” counted as weird. Well, Helen reading off potential names of Christian LNs is weird enough…

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