We're back with a special cosplay edition of TheOASG Podcast! This also brings back a very familar face to the site, one who got this podcast started actually!

Cosplay PodcastShow Notes

0:00: TheOASG happily welcomes Muse back for this cosplay special, but before that we get to what she’s been up to! Starting with what she’s been watching this summer, like A Centaur’s Life and New Game!!. Helen also gets into what she’s been watching as well…it may involve calling things, “DUNDERHEADS.”

15:00: News! Mary and The Witch Flower is opening in a lot of countries. A lot of them. Also Muse’s cat also makes an appearance in this segment.

18:20: Mari Okada’s actually going to be a director of an anime, and yeah, that’s pretty surprising. Helen and Muse get into that.

20:30: Saint Seiya and Captain Harlock composer Seiji Yokoyama passed away recently, and the two remember his importance to those franchises.

21:40: Studio Artland, who created Legend of The Galactic Heroes, Macross, and Mushishi to name a few, is closing down.

23:00: Finally, Helen and Muse talk about Kingdom Hearts 3, and the trailer that dropped when they recorded this podcast. So yes, the recent one!

28:30: Helen and Muse get into cosplay! First they explain who they are so you know where they’re coming from, and then get into how they got into it. They talk about the different cosplay making ways and also go into how sometimes, even a cosplay that looks odd might have actually been worked on for a while.

42:30: Helen and Muse also explain why people cosplay the series that they do, and also how they feel about being recognized because of who they’re cosplaying. They also talk about crossplay and why people do it.

You can also catch up with Muse on her art account.