Justin and Helen didn't set out to give all of these fiery takes when we did the podcast, but that's what happened for titles like Lain and The Rolling Girls. To name a few.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen get together again to talk about non-anime related stuff, like Wonder Women, which leads to a deep conversation as to whether or not there are too many superhero movies. We do also talk about some anime, like Turn A Gundam and My Hero Academia, to name a few.

Also Justin is proud for mostly sticking to his schedule, though considering he ended up watching four WWII anime in a week, maybe he needs better scheduling on what anime to watch. Especially after watching Kiki’s Delivery Service.

16:05: Seven Seas licensed a few more creepy titles and two classic manga, one of which is a modern take. During this segment Justin manages to mishear Helen’s Yurikuma Arashi reference and gets it mixed up with DD Fist of The North Star. That’s not cool. Anyways, we talk about their licenses.

21:35: 7 Seeds is finally over! Now can someone license this title now?!? Anyone? (Also we shortchanged how many volumes 7 Seeds had, whoops)

25:45: J-Novel Club licensed Clockwork Planet, the LN. More Kodansha stuff getting licensed by other companies!

26:50: Little Witch Academia S1 finally has an air date on Netflix! June 30 will be it’s date, and you’ll get full coverage on TheOASG on its Netflix debut.*

30:14: Funimation subpoenas a cloud provider over One Piece uploads, and thinks makes Helen think back to the last time FUNi did this.

31:45 Crunchyroll added a bunch of anime that was also on FUNimation, like Last Exile, The Rolling Girls, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Dragonar Academy, Makenki, RIN- Daughters of Mmemosyne, C-Control, and their big title, Lain! Though Justin is more stunned by an ongoing Yu-Gi-Oh! title being licensed than anything else. Also Gundam Seed and Destiny got licensed.

39:10: Tubi TV added World Trigger, Midori Days & Panda-Z the Robonimation. This gets Justin to admit why he likes having a girl replace his hand. Ok, maybe not.

42:15: Glitter Force trademark reverts from Saban to Toei. This is the part of the podcast where we conclude our absurb number of hot takes in this podcast.

45:05: Encouragement of Climb’s getting a 3rd season, which makes both Justin and Helen happy. Finally.

47:40: Anime Expo’s bringing Food Wars writer Yuto Tsukuda, BookWalker is bringing Is it Wrong to try and pick up Girls in a Dungeon author Fujino Omori. This kinda makes Justin wish he could go over and ask his bad questions involving food making people strip, though if the tradeoff is getting Helen to try the series again, it’s fine.

*Actually this is definitely not a guarantee, do not take this as 100% confirmation