Alcina joins in this week's podcast to talk about what she's been up to and why she saw your name twice. We think.

your name spoilercastShow Notes

(Note: There’s a bit of editing that had to take place in this episode, for very good reasons.)

0:00: Justin and Helen are back, but this time we have our lovely Graphic Designer of TheOASG, Alcina (who worked on the design of this episode) join us to talk about what she’s been doing and watching. Helen also explains that she’s picked up Alice & Zoroku again and is continuing to read A Centaur’s Life, while Justin also explains what he’s been up to, which involves taking a trip to the Japan Society for Manga in America and watching very bad anime. Like Twin Angel BREAK.

17:30: At TCAF this past week it was reported that Manga translator Anne Ishii was detained on the way to the festival at the Canadian airport.

20:05: Seven Seas licensed Go Nagai’s Devilman manga. Like the 1972 one. That one that’s really old, and it’s very significant news.

22:45: Saint Seiya is now in Hollywood’s hands, for better or worse.

26:30: Kodansha’s digital releases this month: Kasane, Real Girl, This Is a Love Story, Aoba-kun’s Confessions, Drowning Love, and Our Precious Conversations. All of this makes us (specifically Helen) wonder if Kodansha’s releasing too many digital titles.

29:06: J-Novel Club announced they licensed Justin’s favorite harem anime, Demon King Daimaou. They also licensed Infinite Dendrogram.

31:30: A bunch of magazines are declining, but since Shonen Jump has been a big imprint forever, to see its circulation dropping below 2 million is kind of jarring. We explain if we should’ve expected it.

37:30: Ed Chavez is staying in manga. In case you didn’t know, Ed had actually left Vertical, and we talk about that.

40:50: We talk about the upcoming Inuyashiki, which is going to end soon. How is that gonna affect the anime? Note: there is a spoiler that occurs around the 42:55 mark, ends 44:50. Somehow we talk politics in this part, for good and noble reasons!

45:50: In This Corner Of The World is finally making its way to the US August 11, which means no one’s gonna see it since everyone’s at Otakon. EVERYONE.

48:00: Mirai is Mamoru Hosoda’s next film, coming next year, and wonder what else he can think of that’s not family related…

49:25: Tubi TV raises some money to fund their ventures, which may or may not involve anime.

50:25: Land of The Lustrous is getting an anime — Justin once again sees what Kodansha is doing that is for sure. Ok, not completely, but he acts like he does.

your name spoilercast!

51:40: Because everybody’s doing it, we’ve decided to join in and also do a your name spoilercast, for dubious reasons! Justin, Helen, and Alcina get into what they liked and disliked about it. We also argue about which Shinkai film is better, your name or 5 Centimeters Per Second. The argument lasts at least 5 seconds or less.

1:28:00: Alcina recounts her TCAF story that, well, is definitely a story to end the podcast.