We somehow talk Marvel in an episode that discusses entertainment habits and an anime where the plot revolves around a coup, cigarettes, and consuming bread.

Show Notes

0:00: Helen and Justin talk about Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, which is not an anime. Though it’s very fun. We at least talk about that aspect while learning that Helen doesn’t watch 3D films because glasses on glasses is bad. Then Helen talks about going to Free Comic Book the past weekend. Justin then proceeds to gush about your name to an extent.

14:20: Code Geass is coming back!…and Justin and Helen aren’t so sure how to feel about it after seeing this trailer. And the state of Lelouch in the sequel. This conversation also takes us back to our high school days since Code Geass aired on Western TV in 2007.

21:02: Discotek announced they’ve licensed five titles, one of which was Marmalade Boy.

24:25: Amazon is offering the ability to watch anime without an internet connection. We talk about the significance of that, especially since Crunchyroll plans on offering this later in the year. Now whether Amazon’s video on the go is good, you’ll have to let us know…

29:50: We talk about J-Novel Club’s announcement, which announced two LNs: If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord and Invaders of The Rokujouma!?

35:56: Cross Infinite World announced they’ve licensed Akaoni, I Became The Secretary of a Hero, and Yusen Ruten.

38:05: Odd news of the day — somehow involves a jockey and a centaur. Manga can do everything if you didn’t know!

40:50: An article by Tim Rattray got Justin and Helen to discuss the entertainment media we consume, or specifically, how there’s an abundance of it (especially it seems nowadays) and how we deal with it.


46:30: Main discussion is on ACCA, which is streaming on Crunchyroll and the manga has been licensed by Yen Press for release possibly later this year. We do an overview of the plot, then comment on some of the best things about the anime, and a bit of the things the anime did poorly. Also we get into a discussion involving how important the bread is. And some sweets.