Justin and Helen somehow found the time to not only talk about Anime Strike, but actual anime that aired in the past and the present.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

Opening thoughts

1:00: Justin and Helen talk about the Winter Season, though it’s a lot of Justin speaking since he watched more winter anime than Helen. One involves Justin slamming Yamishibai and Fuuka, and the other is praising Gabriel Dropout and Blue Exorcist, among the other shows Justin watched. Helen only watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and ACCA as the new shows.

22:25: Helen talks about that big anime film that Justin has not made time to see, Your Name. Helen reveals why this is her favorite Shinkai movie…by default.

(Also, here’s her review of your name.)

News from the industry

Today’s Topics

26:30: Viz licensed a bunch of titles at Anime Boston. Justin and Helen talk about a few, including Abi Umeda’s Children of the Whales (which has an interesting industry backstory) and the Emperor and I, which Helen mixed up with a different penguin manga. They’re also bringing some Shonen Jump manga to print!

We also talk about Viz releasing a Death Note all-in-one edition omnibus. It is massive.

Death Note Omnibus

Also we make exercise jokes somehow.

33:15: Other companies make announcements, involving Seven Seas licensing the manga of a bad anime, and J-Novel Club licensing Ichiro Sakaki’s latest light novel. Ichiro Sakaki wrote Outbreak Company and Chaika. We also talk about VRV for many reasons.

Main Discussion

37:30: We actually argue if it’s actually a good thing that Sentai x Anime Strike is dating and making their relationship known to all. Yes, we actually discuss this.

45:50: Unlike the winter, Helen has watched more anime than Justin this Spring, so she begins by mention Rage of Bahumut 2 is great just like the original and Alice & Zoroku, which was the opposite. Justin attempts to defend it. He has to work a lot harder to defend The Royal Tutor, which Helen dropped in five minutes.

We also talk about Sakura Quest, which means taking our time making fun of Mi*** for liking these P.A Works anime. (kinda). Though we both end up agreeing on how the first episode went.

Finally, we make our plea to Netflix to make Little Witch Academia available, because Netflix, you’re missing out on the simulcast business. Honest!