Justin struggles to name important characters in a bunch of titles while Helen wonders why we didn't just make this a Rakugo Shinjuu podcast only (probably).

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

  • 1:00: Helen and Justin explain what they’ve been up to since the last podcast, which may involve a different form of monster girls and a magic tablet. Also Justin can’t remember names in this podcast. IT ALL STARTS HERE.
  • 13:25: Randomly enough, the New Yorker in the podcast defends NYCC’s move to single day passes (at least this year)
  • 17:30: 3 Eureka Seven movies are coming in the next 3 years. This leads Justin to make a bad Star Wars joke.
  • 21:40: Masaaki Yuasa will be directing Go Nagai’s Devilman on Netflix, so Helen and Justin chat about that.
  • 23:40: Park Harajuku: Crisis Team, which is that Crunchyroll original manga, is getting an anime. What.
  • 25:00: Stand aside “Yuuri” on Ice!! The REAL Yuri on Ice is coming! And it’s based off a pachinko game. Er…?
  • 27:40: Hulu is getting into the anime financing game now too with The Relative Worlds project. At least, Hulu Japan…
  • 29:40: Death Note is finally coming out on Netflix. Everyone’s not happy about it. Justin wonders why now, especially when the casting was mentioned last year…while also assuring people the movie adaptation might be different from the series based on the JP live action and drama series.
    • Also Krystallina talked a bit about Netflix’s Death Note this week, though some things have changed since this post went live.
  • 34:15: Yen Press has announced they’ve licensed the Gabriel Dropout, Sword Oratoria manga, Hybrid x Heart manga, and Re:Zero manga. Justin and Helen wonder about Hybrid x Heart’s infamous scene, or if they had such a scene. Also Helen reminds Justin of his claim to fame.
  • 37:40: In Another World With My Smartphone Light Novels is getting an anime, LN is on J-Novel Club. More advertisements apparently.
  • 40:25: High School of the Dead creator Daisuke Sato passed away at 52 due to ischemic heart disease. While Justin struggles to find the words to describe its most famous (infamous) scene, this may also explain why it had gone on hiatus for all these years.
  • 42:20: Lastly, we talk about Kazuki Takahashi’s house, which is precisely what you’d expect it to be considering the success of his franchise.
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This time the subject is Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.

  1. You should totally go watch that.
  2. You should totally go watch instead of listening and reading this because we are going to spoil it. Sorry.

We start from 44:40 and on until the end, and we discuss both seasons of show as briefly as possible. We talk about it’s highs, it’s inconveniences (whenever it would do its time jumps) and it’s lows (which take place in the last episode).