Helen and Justin comment on how Kodansha's licensed everything (digitally), One Peace Books's newest license, Ancient Magus' Bride getting a TV anime, and more!

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:35: Justin and Helen get together and chat on what they’ve been up to. Helen’s been reading Noragami. Justin’s been reading Big Order.

11:15: Kodansha’s licensed a bunch of sports titles (Ace of Diamond, All-Rounder Meguru, Giant Killing), and a bunch of other titles (Altair: Record of Battles, Museum, Hozuki’s Coolheadness). Yen Press is making some digital titles available for print (The Royal Tutor, Kakegurui, Sekirei). It might finally be too much manga to consume. Or maybe it’s still not enough. Also Justin admits he needs to stop being lazy.

19:30: One Peace Books is licensing Mikagura School Suite, both the LN and the manga. Yes, more stuff to read later in the year. We also talk trash about Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, which has Helen reminding everyone that “the guy is 29 and he’s got all these teenagers that want to bone him.” The guy is the main character.

22:50: Helen reminds (and informs) us that The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, which talks about Ghibli, is leaving Netflix March 29!

25:10: New anime incoming! Hozuki 2nd season, The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and Kino’s Journey get discussed.

31:10: The next NoitaminA anime has been announced. Helen is not pleased due to its content. Or at least what the summary of it says. We then struggle to remember what the spring NoitaminA title is, and then talk a bit about the Spring, though not in too much depth.

35:35: Hayate The Combat Butler is finally ending. We predict that Viz will finally finish releasing all the volumes in 2024. That might be too low actually.

36:40: Helen highlights a couple of podcasts she likes — The Anime Nostalgia and Oldtaku no Radio — as part of a social media campaign taking place on Twitter.