Justin and Helen argue about FUNimation, Avex Pictures, out of nowhere titles getting animated, and Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches. A good 30 minutes of Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

1:00: Justin and Helen talk about what they’ve been up to in the past two weeks. Helen apparently assaulted people with naginatas at Katsucon* and also finished Ushio & Tora (note, we do get into some spoilers). Justin admits he finally finished Shirobako. Was forced by Helen to decide if Shirobako was better than Ushio & Tora. Also some spoilers for Shirobako.

9:00: Helen talks about being the only person into manga that had a twitter who could report on Vertical’s panel at Katsucon. They announced Anime Supremacy (a novel actually), Arakawa Under the Bridge, Voices of a Distant Star, and Imperfect Shoujo. She explains how she actually felt being the sole source of news on announcements for a good day.

We then mention how there’s been so many licenses these days is that we can’t keep up with them all.

15:10: We get into a discussion on FUNimation’s breach that occurred last summer. This leads to some questions about their professionalism, and also talk a bit about the CloudFlare leak that occurred in places like ANN and Crunchyroll.

Krystallina gave her thoughts about some of this in this week’s Please Save My Money article.

19:30: Helen finds out about Avex Pictures being weird about where people can buy their stuff, which leads into a discussion on why they’re doing this.

Here’s an article by Megax that has a better overall view on the importing situation. Also it’s discussed a bit towards the end of the ANNcast.

25:10: Continuing with some odd news involving Japan, Space Battleship Yamato 2202’s home release won’t get  English subs. What exactly is going on here?

28:00: Miyazaki’s back. Hayao Miyazaki is back…again? While Helen thinks about how many times he’s done this, Justin ends up comparing him to a football legend for a very good reason! But we do wonder if this is a good thing or not.

29:10: From 1917 to 1941 a bunch of animated shows were made. A museum in Tokyo is not only allowing their audience to watch them, but also people elsewhere to watch them, and that’s kinda cool. Just make sure you select a title and click the red box!

31:00: Aho Girl and Love and Lies are the anime that are getting adapted into anime. They’ve recently been licensed by Kodansha. Justin wonders about his unfounded theory on the manga and anime industry…

34:00: Justin then talks a bit about Jiro Taniguchi, who passed away a few weeks ago at 69. There’s a couple of his works in English, and A Zoo in Winter is one that Justin likes a lot.

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*She did not actually assault people at Katsucon.

Now, new segment:

Spoiler Cast!??

One new thing we decided to do this year is a spoilercast, where there’s something we’re both watching and we have a section of the podcast where we discuss it. Don’t know how often we’re doing it, but we’ll do a few. Needless to say, we’ll be talking about whatever we like so there’s a good chance they’ll be spoilers.

Our first title we cover is Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches, which ended last week. It’s available on Crunchyroll and is being released in print by Kodansha.

36:00: We try to summarize Yamada-Kun, which started 5 years ago. It involves a delinquent kid and a smart, anti-social girl who fall down the school stairs and accidentally kiss and discover they switched bodies.

Spoilers from this part on.

The characters seen a lot in Miki Yoshikawa's manga, all as adults.

38:00: We get into where the anime left off, which was them gathering all 7 witches in the school and getting their wish granted. For the manga, after this event, it is soon discovered that the witch powers aren’t gone. That they’ve continued into other students with problems. Justin and Helen give their takes on how the series ebbed and flowed as this second and third arc went along, and we both question the ending to the series. Did it have to show Yamada as an adult? Should it have ended somewhere else? Did they stuff in Shirashi’s back story in a bad manner?

48:00: We also try and get into some of our favorite moments. Justin attempts to remember some of the non-funny moments that were cool, but fails. Helen has no trouble remembering the lewder moments in the manga. Justin and Helen debate whether or not it get worse or not, and wonder if they still enjoyed it. Justin then randomly remembers a lewd scene from Yamada, so he can’t escape being raunchy either.

58:00: We get a bit more into Yamada and Shirashi’s relationship, how they changed due to their circumstances, and of course, the ending. The first chapter of Yamada-Kun plays an part into that.