Justin and Helen get together to cry about Chihayafuru getting licensed, Crunchyroll announcing an expo just like in 20th Century Boys (ok not really), and our personal hells.

The OASG PodcastShow Notes

0:00: Justin and Helen return and explain their lives since the last podcast. Helen’s in Katsucon hell (and also at Katsucon this weekend so say hi). Justin’s in Fire Emblem Gacha hell. Please don’t get into any of these hells.

4:00: At least Justin’s Gacha hell is not as deep as this person’s Gacha hell.

4:50: We begin our discussion on Chihayafuru, which Neomo’s been watching and writing about the anime (You should give it a look). Of course, Kodansha Comics licensed it digitally, and we talk about how great that is. We’ve also covered it extensively on the site.

10:00: Helen reveals her birthday passed. Happy Birthday Helen!

11:20: Crunchyroll announced they’d be doing their own convention to celebrate reaching 1 million subscribers. While this is likely good news, Justin feels a bit ambivalent about it for some reason. And of course this comes off them laying off some staff members.

17:30: We talk about what is presumed to be an infamous ANN interview with Crunchyroll’s co-founder way back in the piracy days. Read to find out how infamous it is.

18:00: Yen Press announced they’re in need of translators. We get into that since the industry probably will need more of them to bring over all the licenses.

21:00: Justin brings up Little Hero, Helen brings up Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun while we talk about translators. Helen then brings up Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, which has made Helen wonder what she’s gotten herself into.

23:30: Tubi TV recently picked up Geneshaft, an old anime that aired on TV. Justin recalls his childhood and somewhat wishes he could defend Helen calling it mediocre because of the name, but can’t because it was eons ago since he watched it.

30:00: Helen talks about Manglobe and Project Itoh. Manglobe was supposed to do one of the works, Genocidal Organ. They uh, had some issues doing that.

34:40: Winter anime update! Helen’s keeping up with Precure and ACCA. Justin’s been keeping up with Dragon Ball Super and Detective Conan, which is somehow in it’s 22th year and that is flipping insane

37:00: …And that it also was pitched to air on Fox Kids.

Also discussed in the podcast: Red Sprite, TOKYOPOP’s influence with shoujo manga, Weekly Shonen Jump and back issues, A Springtime With Ninjas and Tokyo Tareraba Girls, Samurai Flamenco, The World God Only Knows, Jimmy Kudo, Yamada-Kun and The Seven Witches.

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