Justin has to blab about Ghost in The Shell and FUNi's licensing spree with someone who hearts Yuri!!! on Ice and Wolf's Rain. This person is not Helen.
The OASG PodcastShow Notes
  • Rachael stops by to fill in for Helen and bemoans almost everything (that includes Justin’s existence. Probably — Editor’s note)
  • Rachael and Justin talk about what they’ve been up to, like Rachael’s obsession with Yuri!!! on Ice, and Justin’s obsession with Wolfsmund.
  • FUNimation licensed a bunch of stuff. That’d be Dragon Ball Super, Dantalian, NICHIJOU, and Wolf’s Rain to name a few.
  • Ghost in the Shell the film with real people finally has a trailer.

  • Other news, including Toriko finally ending and Sailor Moon R going to theaters.
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