I guess an explanation is in order.

So it was about two years ago, back in 2013, when I had debated whether or not it was time to start a new site.

Yes, we were on subhosting for a year, but I had thought about it, though the reason for thinking that was an event happened that summer that made me go over how I wanted to write, how I wanted to run a site, and many other things that aren’t shareable. But obviously, I didn’t go through it. I was jobless, and unsure if I ever wanted to actually take the plunge.

Whatever the case, before that summer, I didn’t have any idea how seriously I wanted to take this blogging thing, especially since it’s time we could be spending…you know…watching anime or reading manga, or doing other things instead of blogging. But then that moment happened, and that’s when the questions started. And well, if you happened to follow OASG for the past few years, that direction was finding out what’s behind the scenes in the anime and manga industry, why is it so hard to make these two mediums available legally, and anything else that seemed worth worrying about.

But I was never really committed to it.

Flash to 2015. ANOTHER event happened this year. It was definitely not my trip to AX (side pain in face, teeth, and eye is not something to inspire you, honest), but something else that put me in the crossroads. At this point, I do have a job. Not that high paying one, mind you…in real life. Online, I write at MAL. So there goes extra money there.

So, why not finally build the site that’s been in my head for 2 years?

Needless to say, I felt extremely nervous in getting this site set up, but thank god I had Muse, who is also Anime Editor on the site, help me plan most of what’s to come here — it is more of an aggressive goal of highlighting ways to support the industry, while also finding a way to still be critical when it’s truly deserved.

The team that’ll be writing here you’ll know from the regular OASG. We have added a new writer, Krystallina, who we expect to expand on her daily deals somehow, while also doing some other manga critique for us here. Give thanks to Alcina, who designed the logo, and expect to see a few more of her designs as the site goes on. Expect a bit more collaboration and hopefully outside of the box thinking that’ll convince you supporting the industry is cool or that we have no idea what the heck we’re going on about. We’re probably still going to look for a writer or two to complement other parts of the site. And who knows, we may try to make money off of this thing. Patreon? Getting ads? Eh, we’ll worry about that later. Still have a few kinks to work out, but we’ll try and figure it out.

For now, welcome to TheOASG. Maybe now you’ll consider us a bunch of evil anti-social geniuses.

Update: Better leave ways you can reach us:

Email: contact at theoasg dot com

Twitter: TheOASG

Facebook: The OASG

Google+: TheOASG

YouTube: TheOASG

Instagram: TheOASG