Today's Valentine Day, but Krystallina provides a brand new gift guide that...shows...a different type of love...?

Happy (Un)Valentine's Day

Today’s Valentine’s Day, and many of you are likely spending it with someone special. And if you have forgotten somehow… oops. Sorry, can’t help you much now! But hopefully you can still find a great gift. Let’s hope that your last-minute shopping dash doesn’t involve any something overpriced, strange, or just plain ugly. And if you’re spending it alone, just be glad that you don’t have someone who thought these items best expressed their love for you.

School Days Blu-ray

School Days Blu-rayWhether you think School Days is a good anime is debatable. Give this to someone you’re romantically involved with, though, and they’ll likely wonder if you see them as a Makoto… or, even worse, themselves as a Sekai. At best, hope that your partner just doesn’t know anything about anime and picked something that looked and sounded happy. Because otherwise, there surely has to be something better to watch together on what should be a day celebrating love.

Sanrio Men’s Shoes

Sanrio Men's ShoesSanrio Boys is garnering positive reviews, and there is nothing wrong with men and women liking something that is generally associated with the opposite gender. But for the guys out there who secretly like Hello Kitty and Friends, is the best way to hide their love to have them plastered over shoe insoles? Because that and the inner border is the only way to tell that someone spent $69 on a pair of Hello Kitty shoes, and the insides of shoes are not exactly known for remaining in perfect condition. Otherwise, if he’s not ready to be as open as the guys in Sanrio Boys, perhaps start off with a keychain and spend $60 on something else?

Attack on Titan Crying Titan Figure


Attack on Titan Crying Titan figureFigures are a popular gift for any anime fan. However, a crying, naked humanoid? Probably not the most thrilling figure you could receive, and maybe not something you’d show off to friends and family. There are a lot of awesome Eren, Mikasa, and Levi figures out there that would look more impressive. Or, if you want a Titan, how about this Nendoroid set? Sure, it’s significantly more expensive, but you get a real Attack on Titan feel to it. Otherwise, maybe get a cheap, fully clothed figure.

Taisho x Alice PC Game

Taisho x Alice CoverThe disaster surrounding this game has been well-documented thanks to its bad translation, poor acting, and all-around subpar quality. For a game featuring romance, the English (or rather, English-y) release of Taisho x Alice is a good way to get players in a rage rather than a romantic mood.

First Love Monster Manga

First Love Monster Volume 1If the main storyline about a high school girl dating a fifth grader isn’t enough to make you raise your eyebrows, then the fact that most of the later volumes look about half the size of other manga releases is enough to make you wonder what the gift-givers’ rejected ideas for a gift were. “Hey, I may not be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend, but at least we’re not in a relationship that would get us questioned by the police!”

Testament of Sister New Devil Wallet

Testament of Sister New Devil WalletNothing says you’re in a happy relationship than pulling out this wallet. Then, when people look at it (or you) strangely, you can happily explain you got it from your boyfriend/girlfriend. “Honey, I can’t be with you all the time. Carry around this half-naked woman in your pants and think of me always!”

Have you ever received a bad anime-related gift from someone who meant well? What do you think would be a bad anime-related gift to receive?