There's love at first sight...then there's pondering how sniffing your boyfriend's straw is love.

Momokuri is secretly a dark, tragic story. A young kid, who has never had a girlfriend, and has no idea what love is, agrees to go out with Yuki Kurihara. Like a fool, he gives it no thought because she’s cute, and doesn’t realize that Kurihara is an intense stalker. In reading the first three chapters, I can already tell where this will be heading: with Mr. Young Kid’s head on a spike.

…This takes place in high school so I guess that’s a stretch.


Whatever the case, Kurose’s Momokuri is not that hard to get into — you have a clear relationship that demands our attention, but with the backdrop of us knowing that Yuki is not who she seems she is. She’s definitely aggressive, as she asked the male lead Shinya Momotsuki out, but, outside of interacting with him, she’s a legitimate stalker. This leads to her friend admonishing yet excusing some of her actions, and Shinya’s friend seeing Yuki at almost every turn and wondering how crazy is this chick.

Shinya is definitely a dope though. I’m reminded a bit of Akito from Bakuman, where he simply accepts getting into a relationship with a girl he doesn’t know. Unlike Akito though, Shinya doesn’t suspect anything is wrong with the person he’s dating — he just gets to one-up his friends. Based on what’s happened so far, I expect he’ll be doing even sillier things just to keep this relationship with the cute girl going.

The question becomes how long will each go before their respective secrets are out. Since this is a comedy, I bet it’s gonna take a while. The good news is the chapters are pretty short, so it won’t take too long to catch up. The art is simplistic, but cute in spots. It all comes down to whether you think this will end with someone’s head getting chopped off or someone taking poison, because if you don’t, then you’re gonna get half of what I just described, mainly because this is set in high school.

And I think love will prevail, stalkerish tendencies or not.