Let's just say people who read official releases weren't pleased with what ANN did.

Anime News Network posted in their interest feed the real name of Sanji from One Piece. It seems innocuous enough — it reveals a spoiler from the upcoming chapter, so that probably means unless you can’t wait or you are reading it and don’t know, then it’s best to avoid.

For those that did click, it revealed that ANN used an image from a scanlation, not the official English release in Shonen Jump. This was posted before it went live. It has been changed to reflect that it was released today, but here’s what ANN posted before then:

OP leaked

Aside from it saying it leaked online, instead of obtaining an image from Viz, or even waiting until it was released today, it hinted that they found out because of scans. Manga fans aren’t silly, they obviously know scans will come out faster than the official release, but it’s not a good sign that one of the known media publications for anime/manga published that on their site.

Maybe this was an oversight, or the news feed is completely separate from their interest feed, so who knows what goes on there. Whatever the case, this didn’t make some people happy:

OP Zach

That would be Zach Logan, of One Piece Podcast:

OP translator

…And that would be the translator of One Piece, Stephen Paul. Probably not a good thing when you have people, then especially industry people, questioning what’s been posted.

UPDATE: ANN’s CEO and Publisher, Christopher MacDonald, issued a statement about the One Piece post: