Filler after filler after filler.

That special feeling.
  • We are reaching the end of this cour now, and a lot of things are happening in all sorts of shows. Okay, so perhaps I gave up on Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and Luck and Logic; shoot me. Haruchika is still getting a bit of stick from people who complain that it has seriously been a bunch of filler episodes, and not essentially gotten anywhere. To be perfectly frank, I agreed with them, so what I did was do a rewatch of all the episodes so far.

  • On the other hand, Myriad Colors Phantom World has every excuse to be full of filler episodes, cos KyoAni is KyoAni. In the past 3 or 4 weeks we’ve had entire episodes covering characters in the show: Mai, Reina, Koito…and so this week is Ruru’s turn. Coinciding with a fireworks festival, she gets jealous of being small and has a Kyubey wish granted so she could be human-sized. The episode shows us once again that not every Phantom is a malicious one; ones like Ruru and the witch who granted her wish mean no harm whatsoever. But while it’s meant to show that Ruru isn’t just some hang-on, it still shows that no progress has been made in the show whatsoever. Even going by next week’s preview, which seems to concern Haruhiko more than the others, that plot item found all the way back in episode 2 (yes, that’s right, episode 2!!!) is just sitting on Haruhiko’s desk as a paperweight.
  • And speaking of disappointments, I admit that I’m starting to get a little frustrated with Aokana too. Not because of filler (which there is none; the show operates on story), but the fact that the content hasn’t quite given the impact I was really expecting. The excitement of Flying Circus has just gone out the window; something I thought was fine, but the characters have just become more and more two-dimensional. Asuka gets a little upset over her massive loss, Misaki invites her over for a sleepover, Asuka reminisces of a vacation where she learnt about a courageous mecha (…yes), and that ultimately gets her off her behind to fight again. Avalon won’t be happy, but wiping that smug look off that prim and proper girl’s face would be a wonderful thing to see, to be honest. The only other constant is little Mashiro, who is no longer a main character now. With only a few episodes to go, the focus will shift squarely on Asuka.

  • But as for Boku Dake ga Inai Machi? Well, I seriously cannot spoil anything! Even putting a screenshot up would spoil! I had my strong suspicions a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like The Butterfly Effect has bitten Satoru on the behind. So now we’re left with a scene from Life is Strange, what the hell are we meant to think now?! A-1 Pictures have us in the palm of their hands now, and I think it’s wonderful. A show like Bokumachi hasn’t gripped viewers like this in a long long time, and so ultimately it’ll end up being somewhere at the top of the MAL list. But going back to Life is Strange, all of this has been Satoru’s own doing. Ultimately he will have two choices ahead of him: just let time run its course, let his mother remain dead, and let him be arrested for something he didn’t do, or act aged 10. But doing so will only cause more and more of a storm around him, potentially letting other things happen. After all, a butterfly flaps its wings one place, and a hurricane reaps havoc elsewhere.
  • Well next week will have one show EVERYONE will want to know the outcome of. And while Dagashi Kashi has remained the one-joke show it started with and won’t ever change, Myriad Colors Phantom World and Aokana really ought to get into some juicy topics before the end (and we officially acknowledge them as bad shows). Oh yeah, and speaking of bad shows, I heard the news about Mahouka getting a movie. An actual movie!!! I’ll just leave it at that, as some may already know how I feel about that show…it’s just as bad news as Glasslip getting a movie…
Yeah Naoko, spill it!
  • And speaking of P.A. Works, time to get back to some Haruchika…see if anything can be salvaged from that…